Christmas nuts - 2019

It’s been a long time since I made the last post here. Welcome to 2020! =)))

I’ve been working, both: with my miniatures and at my job. Back to the office after all the maternity «vacations». Miniatures are mostly done at night - while everyone sleeps and noone breathes nearby, shakes the table or naggs about dinner-apple-play-with-me =) But office begins at 8 am and my nights are getting shorter and shorter, and I have less time for what I like.
Anyway, let me show things I’ve made last year.

Walnuts: mostly Christmas theme

Triplet walnut Xmas scene: the front door of a house and a snowman nearby.

A Christmas dinner: the table layed for the dinner, a tablecloth, a runner, plates, forks and glasses.

 Snowman with a hat on him:
Check the glasses:

 And the table in process: I love the forks, they are sooo tiny =).

Another traditional Christmas: a fireplace and a tree.

My lovely deer =) Half-an-ear-phone size =)

Next time I’ll show a Christmas for two doggies with a real «window» in a walnut.