Pistachio with miniatures - fairy tales

It's May! So let's get some greenery and escape from Christmas topics =)))

Some more pistachios. Pretty unique and personalized. The first one depicts a scene from an old story about mermaids (Ukrainian style house and clothes on a guy & the mermaids dance on the left side in a lake).

The second one shows Russian fairytale character: Vasilisa (a young, but very clever and beautiful girl), inspired by a famous artist Bilibin who illustrated fairytale books. She holds a skull lantern on a stick to guide her path in the woods as she gets out of the witch's house.
And a customer’s private cottage on the left side, that was her childhood memories =) A fairy tale and a grandpa's house. =)

A bear Christmas (well, yes, it's Christmas again, people love Xmas =))) ) in pistachio is planned for the next time.
Thanks for looking!


Christmas nut for 2 dogs with a "real window"

My treasured miniatures.
That was a very special order. One lady collects nutshell ( I have recently found out that she owns about 50 items! And I'm flattered to join her collection with my creation.
She asked me for a personal nutshell for her family. She has two dogs - long-haired Jack Russell terrier Hogan and a undefined-black-terrier Nettie. Both of them suffered in a shelter, and mostly got "wasted" for being "unfriendly". But luckily they were adopted and they are a part of a lovely family. That's almost a Chistmas miracle story, so I was happy to make their own Christmas scene in a shell.

I made a real window - the holes are not only "cut through", but are filled with "glass". That's my "know-how", I'll keep that in secret. It's not as transparent as I wanted it to be, but it's ok for a frosted winter window. And I love how it turned out.
Closed nutshell:
And that's the dog! Jack Russel terrier. As big as double pin head.

The snowman by the tree and a cozy kitchen on the other half:

Pointsettia - it stands on the windowsill, 3,5 mm big.

 A view on the cooking: a turkey - sniffed by the dog, and a plate of cookies.
Stars, clock, portrait, a cup of milk...
The other dog rests in the arm chair.

And a final view of the "glass" in the window.

Tell me what you think about it =) Next time I'll show more stuffed pistachios.


Christmas nuts - 2019

It’s been a long time since I made the last post here. Welcome to 2020! =)))

I’ve been working, both: with my miniatures and at my job. Back to the office after all the maternity «vacations». Miniatures are mostly done at night - while everyone sleeps and noone breathes nearby, shakes the table or naggs about dinner-apple-play-with-me =) But office begins at 8 am and my nights are getting shorter and shorter, and I have less time for what I like.
Anyway, let me show things I’ve made last year.

Walnuts: mostly Christmas theme

Triplet walnut Xmas scene: the front door of a house and a snowman nearby.

A Christmas dinner: the table layed for the dinner, a tablecloth, a runner, plates, forks and glasses.

 Snowman with a hat on him:
Check the glasses:

 And the table in process: I love the forks, they are sooo tiny =).

Another traditional Christmas: a fireplace and a tree.

My lovely deer =) Half-an-ear-phone size =)

Next time I’ll show a Christmas for two doggies with a real «window» in a walnut.