Stuffed pistachio

Walnut shell? Do you think it's small? ;)
Let's go smaller!!! I tried stuffing pistachio shell. To use it as a charm or a pendant.
Big brother - a walnut shell and the younger one: pistachio charm

Christmas scene: a snowman and an Xmas tree

Tied up - with a loop for a necklace


Tree closeup

That's how it looks as a pendant

And a second version (available): love and cats

A black kitty with a pink heart on snow

White kitty among blooming blue flowers.

Have a nice week! And happy international women's day!


Nuernberg Christmas fair nutshell

Made this nutshell in 2018. Another teddy bear. Blue.

Christmas theme.

The bear has his Xmas shop in the right half. Cookies, gingerbread, fachwerk houses, micro snowmen and Christmas decorations.

A box of baubles is 2 mm =)

And the left part: embroidered cushion for the bear to relax. Microembroidery of a fachwerk house. 
That's how it looked when was just finished:

That's how it looks outside

More details in close-up:

Check the details: snowmen on the upper shelf and houses below. And a couple of tiny bears.
And the teddy himself. All paws are turnable, the vest is hand knitted and can be taken off =)

Seasons' greetings!!!