Micro teddy in a nutshell - Paris dream

One lady asked me to make a teddy bear for a nutshell tiny house, but when the bear was ready (3 types, actually) and we were discussing the details of his new house - the lady said that her kids were having prom and suc and she had to cancell the order. Okay. The bears relaxed until the livemaster.ru resource began a contest for the best "sightseeing place" creation. The bears got up and thought of all places they ever visited or wanted to see... and the biggest brother said: "I'm dreaming of Paris!" That's how it all began...
There's much more to see under cut.
The bear. Felt. Sewn. 3 cm tall. egs and paws can be turned. Can sit.
Can be dressed - the vest is handknitted and has a button to fasten it.

Get in the shell and get ready for a trip!!
Let's see, what they write about Paris...

 A cup of coffee?

The Eiffel tower on the backgrouns is embroidered, my own scheme and implementation, micro stitches, french knots and some lurex for extra fun.

Take a look at the book: it's about 7 mm by 8 mm

Click to enlarge. 8 most popular places in Paris with pics and dates.
That's how the nut looks like when it's closed.
Teddy stays on his Eiffel pillow =)

Lavender in a pot and a jar of honey =) Miel - in French.

A cup of coffee. Three sweet macaroons. A book and a bottle of parfume (Luna by Nina Ricci) =)))

Tiny, but playable =)

Taking part in a contest and free for a trip =)
Thanks for looking!

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  1. Такое все мимимишное! Лена, не представляю,как можно такую миниатюрную работу выполнять!Ты наверное иголочками вяжешь.