Miniature country house

One lady saw my houses in pendants and asked whether I could make a specific house. Yes. Could I make a larger house? Yes... and here we go. The project was a little unexpected, the scale is undefined - something close to 1:300, but neither I had any true dimensions, nor the idea of frankful scaling was there - we just had to fit the house into a 10 cm plastic sphere.
10 cm!!! Can you imagine?! After my 3 cm balls it was huge!
And the house was pretty complicated, lots of tiny details and such. So it took me about 2,5 months to complete it. Phew!

A piece of country life in front of the city landscape.


That's how it looks in comparison to the photo I had to follow.

Flowers all around.

Side view.

Another side.

 And the back of the house:
 That's how small it is: 3 cm by 5 cm. But I tried my best! All the steps by the door, the house number - 3 - is smaller than 1 mm, but it's there. Can you imagine writing with white ink on dark blue? And it should be readable!.. White inks are always a trouble, so I used white acrylic paint.

And that's how it looks completed on "chirstmas decarotion display".
I'm happy it's finshed that the customer liked it.


  1. Круто!!! Алена, ты как всегда на высоте!