Miniature country house

One lady saw my houses in pendants and asked whether I could make a specific house. Yes. Could I make a larger house? Yes... and here we go. The project was a little unexpected, the scale is undefined - something close to 1:300, but neither I had any true dimensions, nor the idea of frankful scaling was there - we just had to fit the house into a 10 cm plastic sphere.
10 cm!!! Can you imagine?! After my 3 cm balls it was huge!
And the house was pretty complicated, lots of tiny details and such. So it took me about 2,5 months to complete it. Phew!

A piece of country life in front of the city landscape.


That's how it looks in comparison to the photo I had to follow.

Flowers all around.

Side view.

Another side.

 And the back of the house:
 That's how small it is: 3 cm by 5 cm. But I tried my best! All the steps by the door, the house number - 3 - is smaller than 1 mm, but it's there. Can you imagine writing with white ink on dark blue? And it should be readable!.. White inks are always a trouble, so I used white acrylic paint.

And that's how it looks completed on "chirstmas decarotion display".
I'm happy it's finshed that the customer liked it.