Smaug in a bottle

I was asked to make a microminiature for a person who loves Tolkien's "Hobbit" and such. The first thing I thought of was Shire landscape: green-green-greenery all over, a round door and a couple of things outside: a lamp, some flowers, etc... But when I came up sketching the ideal hobbit house the customer decided that we need dragons =) Smaug to be more definite. Reddish-golden dragon on a heap of gold. It was the first time ever I made such a small dragon =) (wait a little and I'll show you my second dragon - even smaler =) )
We wanted to place him under the glass cloche, but when I was making the cave interior I used thermoplastic which appeared to squeeze when heated and swell when cooled. Unfortunatelly the fully cooled cave with all its stalactites enlarged by 1 mm and cracked the cloche. The last one I had - and as the order was placed not so far from the due date, I couldn't get a new one and we settles with the tiny "ball pendant" idea. No caves. A little gold and a dragon. Made from tissue and paints.