Micro teddy in a nutshell - Paris dream

One lady asked me to make a teddy bear for a nutshell tiny house, but when the bear was ready (3 types, actually) and we were discussing the details of his new house - the lady said that her kids were having prom and suc and she had to cancell the order. Okay. The bears relaxed until the livemaster.ru resource began a contest for the best "sightseeing place" creation. The bears got up and thought of all places they ever visited or wanted to see... and the biggest brother said: "I'm dreaming of Paris!" That's how it all began...
There's much more to see under cut.


Miniature country house

One lady saw my houses in pendants and asked whether I could make a specific house. Yes. Could I make a larger house? Yes... and here we go. The project was a little unexpected, the scale is undefined - something close to 1:300, but neither I had any true dimensions, nor the idea of frankful scaling was there - we just had to fit the house into a 10 cm plastic sphere.
10 cm!!! Can you imagine?! After my 3 cm balls it was huge!
And the house was pretty complicated, lots of tiny details and such. So it took me about 2,5 months to complete it. Phew!

A piece of country life in front of the city landscape.


That's how it looks in comparison to the photo I had to follow.

Flowers all around.

Side view.

Another side.

 And the back of the house:
 That's how small it is: 3 cm by 5 cm. But I tried my best! All the steps by the door, the house number - 3 - is smaller than 1 mm, but it's there. Can you imagine writing with white ink on dark blue? And it should be readable!.. White inks are always a trouble, so I used white acrylic paint.

And that's how it looks completed on "chirstmas decarotion display".
I'm happy it's finshed that the customer liked it.


Mouse in Paris - micro roombox

A tiny half-of-a-matchbox stuffed with details devoted to a certain person
A girl who studies philosophy dreams to travel to Paris and has her birthday in May - 5th of May, according to horoscopes, is lead by jasmine and lily-of-the-valley.
Covered with transparent plastic slider.
When opened:

Eifel tower is painted, the fence is cut from paper, the bench is made from matches - girl's name written on the bench. Flower soft was used from a jasmine bush (four-petal flowers were cut manually). Lily-of-the-valley flowers were painted on thread stems.
The box measures 3 by 2 cm, 1 cm deep.

That's the process. Immanuel Kant's book, tiny flowers, stone pavement (cardboard, cut in 1 mm squares)

 And an end table with a cup of coffee (a seed bead and a micro sequin with a piece of plastic - all painted and decorated with dots and a flower painted) and a box of chocolates (paper box, micro beads as chocolates).
Thanks for looking!


Personalized nutshell for a boy

Made a personalized nutshell as a gift for an adorable little gentleman. Full of details and signs.
Two halves - inside and outside.
Орешек в подарок обаятельному джентльмену 7 лет от роду =) Полный деталей и знаков.


Smaug in a bottle

I was asked to make a microminiature for a person who loves Tolkien's "Hobbit" and such. The first thing I thought of was Shire landscape: green-green-greenery all over, a round door and a couple of things outside: a lamp, some flowers, etc... But when I came up sketching the ideal hobbit house the customer decided that we need dragons =) Smaug to be more definite. Reddish-golden dragon on a heap of gold. It was the first time ever I made such a small dragon =) (wait a little and I'll show you my second dragon - even smaler =) )
We wanted to place him under the glass cloche, but when I was making the cave interior I used thermoplastic which appeared to squeeze when heated and swell when cooled. Unfortunatelly the fully cooled cave with all its stalactites enlarged by 1 mm and cracked the cloche. The last one I had - and as the order was placed not so far from the due date, I couldn't get a new one and we settles with the tiny "ball pendant" idea. No caves. A little gold and a dragon. Made from tissue and paints.


Kindergarten craft: carnevale - Maslenitsa

This week we celebrate Maslenitsa - a week before the Lent, when people eat a lot, esp pancakes, have fun and outdoor activities (like horse riding, sledging, dancing etc). Pancake is the symbol of the Sun. And the kids were asked to make something themselves for this festival.
My daughter's craft: everything's done by herself, no my help.
На этой неделе Масленица - в саду попросили внезапно организовать поделку на эту тему. Девица моя вдохновилась моим самоварчиком из "орешка а ля рюс", тоже возжелала самовар. А с ним и целый пир получился. Лепила всё сама.
Samovar =) and pancakes.
And all that was placed into a roombox with a handmade doll (traditional craft also, made from fabric only, no-sew) - here I had to help her a little. But this time it's much better than the fall craft! =) Less nerves were wasted =)
А потом мы это дело поместили в коробку - ну надо это как-то нести ведь! В коробке сверху солнце вырезали, покрасили, гирляндочек повесили, и куклу сделали традиционную. Тут я уже помогала немного, но большую часть-таки делали девчонки. По сравнению с осенней поделкой, вообще я отдыхала практически =)
The Sun shining from above in the sun-shaped opening, banners all around and a little green on the right pointing to the spring being not so far =)
Have a happy week!

Аппетитной и приятной вам недели, друзья!


Fall house and winter house pendants

My series of seasonal microtures in glass globes is comple =)
It was a sakura scene, a summer house, an autumn house - I haven't shown it here yet, I guess.. And the winter version this time.
Серия сезонов в шариках завершена, хотя владельцы всех разные %) Весна - сакура, лето - овсянка, осень - синица, зима - снегирь.
More details of the fall and winter minis under cut.
Подробности и детали осенней и зимней работы под катом.


Miniature in a nutshell: Christmas for the foxes

Another project I've finished last December but haven't shown yet. As a pair to the bear family nut. Slightly different though. This time it's red, foxes and kids are decorating the tree while their parents are stroling down the winter alley.
Прошлогодний орешек, в пару медвежьему - только на этот раз в красных оттенках и для другой семьи, здесь лисички.


Russian style winter nutshell

Another walnut shell filled with micro stuff. It was a winter theme - but this time it's not a classical "fireplace and firtree", it's an old Russian style winter! =)
There's an old poem, Ivan Surikov is the author, it's easy but sooo cozy =)
"That's my village,
That's my home,
That's me sledging
Down the slope.." (Then this boy falls in the snow, goes home - there he gets on the Russian stove to cuddle with his granny and while she's telling him fairytales he falls asleep and dreams about those tales - that's his childhood and it was good) This poem was published in a separate book with marvellous illustrations by Mikhail Bychkov, and I was so glad I could make a tribute to his art.

Скорлупа грецкого ореха с микроминиатюрой внутри. Тема была новогодняя, но в итоге ни намёка на ёлку и мандарины нет =)
Наверно, все с детства знают эти строки:
"Вот моя деревня,
Вот мой дом родной;
Вот качусь я в санках
По горе крутой..."?
Милое и доброе стихотворение - автор его Иван Суриков, и не так давно его выпустили отдельной книжкой с потрясающими иллюстрациями Михаила Бычкова. Очень хотелось миниатюризировать эту сказку =)

И вот орешек родился =) Идеально вписался в концепцию "с одной стороны - улица, с другой - интерьер". Уличная половина:
An outside half:

An inside half:

The left part shows the slope, a boy sledging down, a rowen tree and a fir tree. A bird - eurasian bullfinch, red-breasted little bird common here in winter - on the rowen branch. And a dog jumping around the boy.
Слева - гора, ёлочка, рябинка со снегирём, и мальчик на санках катится вниз, собачка скачет возле него.

The bullfinch in focus:
Снегирь там есть:

Точно есть:
Some process of the rowen and bird-making:
На рябине, правда, не очень заметен, но тем интереснее рассматривать =)
Пробую новые материалы, теперь вместо очень долгого и грязного подобия папье-маше, беру термопластик? стало быстрее и удобнее. Тоже надо привыкать, конечно, ибо он при высыхании расширяется (и ломает скорлупу), но интересный опыт =)

A dog on my little finger
Собачка, на мизинце:
Boy on his sledges

Мальчишка на санках

Петелька - плетеная в славянской технике "фенечка", а соединительная лента - текстиль в стиле лоскутного шитья. И бусинка деревянная.

The loop is braided in Russian style technique - not sure how to call it correctly, but I decided that "handmade trim" will look better than a ready-to-use satin ribbon. And the textile hinge is made from a piece of fabric with patchwork imitation pattern. And a wooden bead for this village scene to close

Next to the interior part. Wooden floor, homemade rug (braided, plaited and woven), Russian stove with a sleeping place up there - covered with patchwork quilt. Samovar (teapot boiler). Clothes drying on the line. Pots and a basket on the bench. And some hardware in the corner (a spade, a broom and a thing to get pots from the hot stove)
Внутри: деревянный пол, печка, лавочка, лоскутное одеяло на полатях с занавесочкой; самовар, бельишко сушится на веревке, травки какие-то лечебные на печке сохнут. Дровишки валяются, половичок домотканый... Внизу горшки, ушат и корзинка, накрытая полотенцем. А ещё в углу стоят метла, лопата и ухват =)

The stove is made from selfdrying plastic, wooden floor from natural wood (a match). Pots are made from seed beads.
Печка из самозастывающей пластики, многое из дерева - и пол, и лавка, и ушат, и лопаты-ухваты.

И самоварчик - лично мне очень нравится =)
The tea boiler - samovar - from a golden bead, wooden pieces, paper strips, paints and a microbead. Love it, actually.
Спасибо, что зашли и посмотрели.
Thanks for looking! =)
Хочу поучаствовать в задании от "Избушки Бабы Яги"  Кабинет алхимика "Лёд и пламя": слева - лёд, снег и вообще зима, справа - пламень, то есть горячая печка =) до 15.02 В технике mixed media - медии тут очень даже миксд, любые - от бумаги до дерева, от краски до мха, и бусины, и проволока, и даже пластика =)