Sewing craft microminiature in a glass ball pendant

This year I was running a small contest among the subscribers of my handmade shop, and the winner was supposed to get her idea in micro scale completed by me. I have chosen a sewing craft room idea. And made a microminiature in a glass sphere pendant. Scale is 1:100 approximately.
Below the floor - a mix of cut threads and a button in epoxy resin.

That's the button inside of the pendant:

The "bowl" without the lid - the cap prevents the light from propagating, so a photo without the cover is much better that the covered one.A table with a sewing machine, a piece of fabric, a box with threads, scissors, pin cushion, paper patterns. A sewing model dummy with a measuring tape. A floor lamp. And shelves filled with books, boxes, an iron, fabric pieces. A stool and a box with fabric pieces.

The iron - it's stuck in the shelves: Mars eraser plastic, wire, foil. Vapor holes are present, the plug is made from paper.

 The miniature sewing machine: it's also made from plastic Mars eraser, paper punched circle, 'sequin hole', a piece of wire, microbeads and... doll hair as a thread =)

The table itself in my fingers. Here you can see a pin cushion well, pins are cut from foil, can't say how thin they are, but the "thread bobin" on the machine is 0,2 mm thick, those pins... much thinner =)

That's how it looks capped:

 Oh yes, and the scissors! Foil. Of course, they are not working, just lying there opened and that's it. Things to concern =)))
Thanks for looking!


  1. Это что-то невероятное!

  2. Круто!!! И тема мне нравится :))) близка так сказать :))))

    1. Среди идей всей семьей голосовали за парашют с лошадью =))) но я выбрала машинку =) по-девчачьи ж)