Fall walnut shell: Raccoon story!

Made another nutshell, stuffed with micro and mini. Autumn, fall, pumpkins. I'm dreaming of making an all season range in shells: winter's ready, autumn is done too. Spring and summer are yet to come.
And this micro miniature is devoted to raccoons!!! Yay!!!!
Since there're not so many people visiting my blog anymore - so I'm just showing some pics and writing down a few lines for myself.
All pics are clickable - enlarge to view the details.
On my palm to feel the size.
And among leaves and pine cones - "for a nice sketch"

Among autumn leaves... and a walnut from this shell ;)
Let's take a look inside:
A raccoon touching a pumpkin... that's the "process" pic - check it out, I made the raccoon's fingers!!!
And that's the process of mum making: 1,5 mm in diameter, quilling =) slightly embellished with yellow flock in the centers.
So, it's a kitchen zone. Drawers, table - balsa wood and paper, window - cut through, wooden floor (matches). A vase with mums (bead + quilling), 3 pumpkins (clay), a raccoon (plasticine + nail polish + acrylic paints + paper), apples on the table - microbeads.

Above the window - there's a shelf with glass cups. Slightly purple. And an onion braid on the wall.

Focused on apples - one of them is cut, seeds are present. I don't know, how big is that microbead... must be something like 0,6-0,7 mm... oh, and a basket full of mushrooms.
That's the view on the table from the window - see the knife the apple has been cut with?

And that's the window close up: the curtains and ruffles look cute, I think =)))
Below the kitchen I adhered some "fall decor" - in bigger scale just for fun - maple leaves on the left and oak leaves with acorns on the right. Leaves are made from white glue and paints, acorns - microbeads, painted.

And the outside, the left side of the shell. Another coon walking by, 2 trees - one of the - right one - is supposed to be a rowen, red berries in bundles are present. Moss - on the right tree and a mixture of flower soft, foam, cut threads, shredded ribbons and such - on the left. Brownish-reddish bush on the left is made from moss.

My raccoon on a coin (size of a US quarter):

Back to the shell, a hedgehog is hiding there: carrying a mushroom (some are growing under the rowen too)

No idea how to insert a camera in there, so that's the hedgehog's close-up in the process, 2 mm:
That's how it all looks closed: tied up and hung.

Thanks for looking!
Two shells more are ready - wish I had more time for dealing with photos. I'll show them some time later. =)
And... yeah, I know it's not a card... and not much to do with scrapbooking and such... but since the color scheme is soooo inviting - why not to show off? ;)

Just some more yellow in the ribbon... anyway, it's fun =) http://colorthrowdown.blogspot.ru/2017/11/color-throwdown-468.html and not a problem if my entry is removed, that's ok, ladies ;) Thanks!


  1. A beautiful tiny scene in the nutshell. Great work!
    Hugs, Drora

  2. This is amazing! Such beautiful detail! Fabulous!

  3. My two hobbies are papercrafting and miniatures! You covered them both. There is lots of crossover with these two crafts, especially in 1/4 scale and 114th scale. Loved this project...

    1. Thank you! It's a pity, your profile doesn't seem to havecany link to your blog or gallery, I'd love to see some of your creations :)

  4. Еноты готовятся к зиме :) Какое все малюсенькое - здорово, молодец! (Как всегда:)) Окошечко в орехе понравилось ;)
    А мой орех так и лежит, ждет своего часа... не могу решить, чем наполнить:(

    1. Ага :) спасибо большое! Окошко мозоли на пальце стоило :))
      Главное, как говаривал советский вождь, нАчать ;) не можешь придумать или не можешь выбрать? :)

    2. Скорее придумать, хочется что-то не банальное, что-то неожиданное что-ли... и никак :(

    3. Сцену из Звёздных войн :)))
      Можно что-то личное, про тебя и семью, или про работу :) орех в орехе :)

    4. Спасибо, да, надо как-то сесть и повыписывать идеи, глядишь что-то и всплывет :)

  5. Wow! Incredible artistry!! Your scene is awesome and what detail!!