Sewing craft microminiature in a glass ball pendant

This year I was running a small contest among the subscribers of my handmade shop, and the winner was supposed to get her idea in micro scale completed by me. I have chosen a sewing craft room idea. And made a microminiature in a glass sphere pendant. Scale is 1:100 approximately.


Fall walnut shell: Raccoon story!

Made another nutshell, stuffed with micro and mini. Autumn, fall, pumpkins. I'm dreaming of making an all season range in shells: winter's ready, autumn is done too. Spring and summer are yet to come.
And this micro miniature is devoted to raccoons!!! Yay!!!!
Since there're not so many people visiting my blog anymore - so I'm just showing some pics and writing down a few lines for myself.
All pics are clickable - enlarge to view the details.