Kindergarten DIY - crafts with kids, fall project

My older daughter has begun going to the kindergarten, preparing for the school. And they gave us a task to make "something called "Golden autumn comes to visit us..." for the exhibition and contest". Geee... Never thought I'll be in. And just a few weeks ago they told to bring "natural materials that you might gather in the park" - for the kids' crafts. And I willings brought all pine cones, maple seeds, acorns, chestnuts and all that gloomy stuff that fills my daughters' pockets every day =) I thought I was lucky to get rid of that =))) But then they ask for the project - and the whole week is rainy-rainy-rainy, no chance to get new cones and seeds... So we had to think of something "fall", but with very little natural materials.

Fall girl in the pompom wood =))) Felt and modeling clay. Luckily I found an old branch with maple seeds - left in the corner, and a handful of totally dried rowen berries (weird that they aren't rotten =) ). A few acorn caps, two plum stones and some moss.
And bright pompoms!!! I love them =) My babies loved them too. Punched leaves, pompoms, sewing the coat of the girl - that's all my daughter's job! I'm kinds proud of her =)
Mushrooms we've invented:
And we used a cap from the baby's smoothie in a pouch =) As a girl's hat and her bucket with berries.
That's the process:
With an apricot stone as the girl's face.
Well, unexpectedly we've won the contest =))) it was the only yarn project among pine cone hedgehogs =)))
Thanks for looking!
Planning to show my new nutshell soon! =)

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