Micro miniature in a glass pendant - Sakura

Some people say that making micro miniatures in a walnut or in a box is useless and noone ever needs that. Ok, anyone can offend an artist. My answer to them: take your micro miniature with you. So I placed it in a glass sphere. Chain it and wear.
I've seen many glass ball pendants, filled with dandelion seeds, dried flowers, microbeads or other stuff, that's so easy, so boring. Just open, pour, seal and that's it. Maaaagic... So I used the idea for my own magic. Like a ship in a bottle ;)
Sakura, wooden bench and a stone path in the grassland.
3 cm in diameter (1 1/4 ")

Some rice around for the Japanese feeling ;)
And outside:

So I'm learning to deal with jewelry now =) Working with an order now, one lovely lady wants her job to be put in a ball =) So stay tuned ;)
Thanks for looking.