Micro trees tutorial

Мастер-класс по микро деревьям.
How do you make it???.. Come in and take a look. I'll show 2 versions of a micro trunk.
Как ты это делаешь??? Как - смотрите, заходите, глядите =)
1. Wire
A reliable branch system, good for any foliage, squirrels, birds and such.
You'll need:
-wire, 0.2 mm - uncoated
- scissors or wire cutters
- dimentional glue - glossy accents for instance
- acrylic paint for the trunk
- threads
1. 1,5-2 см away from the end of the wire bend it and twist. We get a thin trunk with 2 branches. Length of te wire you use depens on the size of the tree you want, remember that twisting takes away 20-30% of length. It's better to make longer trees, the roots can always be hidden under ground or cut.
2. Make 4-6 two-arms trunks. Place one above another and twist. Join the rest.
3. Take a free end of the wire and form another single branch on the tree you're working on, then twist the wire arond the trunk, squeeze the previous elements together.
4. When you're satisfied with your branches - I made a half of the tree since it had a "wall" behind it and there was need for the branches on its back side. Then cover the trunk with dimentional glue - to hide all the wire relief.
5. Add more tiny twigs and branches - use threads and fibers. Cut them into 3-5 mm pieces and glue to the branches using either glue or acrylic paint.
6. When the trunk is dry - paint the tree.
7. To amek foliage I used floristic clay. Roll a thin and long ribbon, then use a needle to roll the very edges thinner, they will curve themselves. Roll the edges at every 5 mm and you'll get a fluffy thing like that:
Cut, twist, glue in place:

2. Threads.
More branches, a more realistic look, but very thin and ain't good for leaves, creatures and such. A winter "leafless" tree.
You'll need:
- threads
- pin
- scissors
- liquid glue like white glue that dries transparent
- dimentional glue like glossy accent
- a mat to work on - i used a piece of paper covered with scotch tape.
1. Adhere scotch ont he paper - good for scaling and easy to work with the glue mess
2. Cut threads in 1,5-2 cm pieces.
3. Place the thread pieces in 1 cm from each other, adhere the lower end with another piece of tape.
4. Use a pin to fluff the upper end of the thread into fibers.
5. Apply a drop fo liquid glue to the 'fluff", make them wet throughly.
6. Use a pin to from branches from the wet fibers, make sure your branches look natural and try to bend them in different ways - not only upwards but also bend them to one side - thus the tree will look better, otherwise all branches up - the tree will look like a mop =)
7. When the trees dry, remove the adhesive tape and collect the "almost trees elements"
8. Use dimentional glue to adhere 4-6 trunks together.
9. Shape the tree, move the branches, comb the twigs =) Dry.
I won't recommend painting these trees - they will look bulky and the fibers will cling to each other, thus you'll get a weird mess. So choose the colors of the threads carefully ;)
That's it. Plant your tree:
Thanks for looking! If you have any comments or questions - I'll be happy to have some feedback =)

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