Year long project: 52 inchies!

I decided to bring up my old blog - Little fun (devoted to small scrap objects). Idea came from the blog Every inchie monday. Very easy: an inch a week makes a perfectly fun collection of 52 inchies by the end of the year. My project is almost "anything goes": either make anything about your past week, or follow one of the topics I offer, or make your own.
I picked "my own". Back to quilling! 52 (actually planning 56: 7x8) inchies with 52 (56) different quilling flowers! Such a nice sampler! =)
My watercolored background: guess who helped me? =)))
Actually the second one, the first one looked even better - much better, but "It's soooo beautiful! don't cut it! don't cut it!!! lemme keep it!!! wh-aaaaaa..." - so I had to make another try, and "someone" came with a red brush to help, so my rainbow has a sudden reddish splash instead of green stripe... but ok, that's just a background =)

My first inchies:
01. Simple roses.

02. Combing with metallic strips.
03. My invention a few years ago: roll and wrap with a spiral.

04. Another my try: alternative roses.

05. Simple dowel-wrapping for thick and empty petals.

Wanna join?

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