Micro cafe matchbox

My previous roomboxes (here and there) were half of the matchbox size, this time I decided to make it HUGE, the whole matchbox. 48 mm x 38 mm x 15 mm
Замахнулась на полноценный мэтчбокс с масштабах 1:144. 48 на 38 на 15 мм
I practiced this topic before (remember my quilled cafe?), but I wanted to make it tinier. And outdoors. Piece of the house - crackled white paint, striped shade, lattice door. Balcony with lots of greenery and flowers. Mediterranean blinds in blue, tiled floor.
Тема кафе мною уже опробовала в миниатюре, взялась за уменьшение. И вынос на улицу. Кусок дома: краклюрная штакутурка на стенах, дверь с решеточкой, полосатая маркиза, на верхнем этаже: балкон в цветочках. Со средиземноморскими ставнями и плиточкой на полу.

The ground floor has a large window with a showcase of desserts served in this cafe:
cakes, eclaires, puffs and buns.
В застекленной витрине выставлены десерты: тортики, эклеры, пышки и завитки. Для масштаба зубочистка и булавка. И фонарь тут примостился рядом, бумажный
Pin and toothpick for scaling. And a street lamp nearby - wanted to try wire for it, but the pieces were too tiny and I'm not an expert in welding, the glue would be too bulky there, so I chose simple paper.

The sunset is painted, can't say I'm very happy with it, need a lot of painting practice, I guess... The seafront fence made of paper and microbeads.
The chairs are paper + wire. The table is quilled and wired.
На улице брусчатка, стулья из проволоки и столик с чашками.
The cups on the table are made of polymer clay. Spoons are from wire.
On my finger:
Это чашечки на моем пальце, емкости, однако ;) с ручечками.
with a toothpick. And another view with a pin:
Once again all together with a real matchbox and a ruler. И целиком с линейкой:
Thanks for looking!
Спасибо за просмотр!
P.S.: used "quilling" label 'cause used quilling paper here and here, very handy, very nice...