Сookies and cakes, mini

For Sylvanian families, Calico critters and such guys. Для дочкиных зайцев. Печеньки
Assorted cookies. All 1:12 and smaller.


Blue nursery 1:144

Made another tiny room. Nursery for a newborn boy (or girl who likes blues =) ).
30x22x8 mm
Еще одна полуспичечная коробочка. Детская.


Tinier and tinier

Some more teeny-tiny thingies for the upcoming roomboxes in 1:144.
Another cradle and drawer set. Toys: teddy bear, building blocks, sheep, bunny and the traditional Russian style roly-poly tiny doll.
Pin on the background to understand the scale. Things are placed on regular 1-cm-grid cutting mat.