Creative lettering ideas

Опубликовано в Хомячке, как часть совместного проекта: о том, как можно делать надписи в скрап-работах:

Creative lettering ideas:

- stickers, chipboard, alphas etc
- stamping

- printing and die-cutting (adhering or masking),
- handmade ink-jet printer rub-ons ( there're plenty of tutorials, for example)
- trace the contour (make it as a rub on, or deboss it: place the desired motif, printed, upon the sheet of paper you want to embellish, secure with clips, trace with a pen or ebmossing tool or knitting needle) 
when you get the motif you like debossed, you can:
   * prick it (although you may not want to deboss, just prick),
   * stitch (any stitch type you like, one color of multi color, contour stitch or satin stitch, try ribbons, beads, sequins etc)
   * "write" with threads, floss, twine, wire etc - just placing the chosen fiber on the glued contour, 
   * trace the word with microbeads, seed beads, gems, bling etc,
   * model them with clay or salt dough,
   * paint it - with 3d paint or simple, solid line or dotted,

   * cut out the bold font title (or use a die-cutting machine) and place a contrast paper under the cut, or make a microbeaded surface and place it underneath 
   * and much more: crochet or knit your words, use quilling, try pergamano...  =)


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