My very first scrap book

Just the way it was meant to be: SCRAP book =) Book of scraps. I collected everything about raccoons (and pandas since they are relatives) =) And put that all into a thick notepad. It was 1997-99 =)

Photos, clips from the magazines, stickers...
Zoo map =)
All photos with corners =)
Ad, clips from children's book, newspaper scraps...
Even mailing stamps!!!
Loved that =) At that time I never realized it was called "scrapbooking"


  1. That is the most beautiful scrap book I have ever seen! Apart from mine, of course :) I know what you mean - a scrap book, just as it's supposed to be. I too kept some here and there when I was little. One of mine was about Austria and my life there, and it was much in the spirit of yours - a book of scraps. I didn't know raccoon and panda are related. I saw this youtube about a raccoon a while back and remembered it now:

    1. Thanks a bunch! =) Show me yours? =)))
      Thanks for sharing a link, coons are cool =) =))))

    2. Sadly got lost somewhere eons ago. Definitely, if I ever find it at my parent's, will share. If I ever have a kitchen this big, I will adopt a raccoon just so I can laugh at how he (or she) destroys it because, yep, that's really cool :D