House - quilled and framed

I had an idea of that creation for a loooooong time. And I started it almost a year ago - look there for the beginning.
That's a quilled picture as a gift for my friend, her husband's name begins with D, her name - with O, son's name with M, and their initials form a "DOM"-word, that means house. But while I was thinking and making... the lady got pregnant and is waiting for her second son now! So I had to hurry up and send her this piece before I have to add another room =))))
I added flowers and trees - according to the family member's birthdays and flower-tree horoscope.
Portulaca and jasmine for husband. Lady has willow (had no room for it) and poppy. Son has lilacs and maple.
My mom said that house alone is a dull view, so I added quilled flowers - well, frankly speaking, that's what people wait from quilling, not the bricks, right?..

Close-ups of the rooms:
Brain slug there =))) from Futurama since lady's husband is a fan of Matt Groening =)
My friend loves to paint, and loves lighthouses to paint =)
And I love how poppies turned out. Aren't they cute?

Another kid, soon-to-come. Featherwork on the bird

Tissue stippling for the lilac and beaded spray,

Flowers, flowers, flowers...
My friend liked the gift. Although I had to send it as is - with no glass =(((( my bad... I bought a "plastic glass frame" - to send it by post, but failed to adhere it. Two glues didn't stick, and the last reacted with that "glass" and stained it =( had to remove it... and sending glass by Russian post is like sending a bagful of brittle glass, just the same...
Well, I hope she can forgive me =)
Thanks for looking!


  1. Ален, он просто превосходен!!!

  2. ну, Алёнка, зажгла!!! Минут 15 висну вглядываюсь и до сих пор нахожу столько неувиденных элементов! Богатейшая фантазия твоя!! Вот это нереальная реальность, всё действительно цветет, деревья настоящими листьями обросли, у аиста перья реальные и краскиии с кисточкой.... да и натуральные маки еще под ними...айяй...голова моя зашаталась и в эту дивную даль уплыла!!! И выйти оттуда невозможно, ай да сказочка!!!!!

    1. ооо, какой неприличный комментарий =) меня прям раскраснело от него =) Спасибо, дорогая!!!

  3. Heeeeello there! Its good to come back to see what you've been creating. HOW adorable and perfectly colourful is your little house, garden and bird.... wow! Every detail is delicate and precise! I'm sure that your friend will absolutely love this!

    1. Thank you very much! Happy to see you in my blog again! =)
      My friend has received it already, she loved it, unfortunately, I failed to attach glass, feeling so guilty about it...

  4. Алена, очень красиво!

  5. A beautiful DOM (and we say the same). Stork on the roof is a great addition to a child who comes. Details are excellent!