Chocolate carving

Just a quick post: Homyachok's latest general challenge - all about chocolate
I just took real chocolate:
carved an owl and a sentiment "Good morning"


Greek salad - clay

Showing up some more clay creations for the bunny family. Greek salad: lettuce, cheese, olives, cherry tomatoes, herbs. And cabbage - or lettuce, not sure =) But bunnies gonna love it anyway =)
Еще покажу всяких лепнин для зайцев: греческий салат - салат, брынза, оливки и помидорки с зеленью. И капуста, или салат, зайцам все по зубам =) Хотела слепить капусту, кочан такой добрый,  все листы вылепила, а тут младенец проснулся и начал буянить, пришлось сделать перерыв, а за это время листы подсохли и в плотный кочан заворачиваться не захотели =(


Cherry pie - clay

My baby began to play with Sylvanian families (or Calico Critters - just the same), tiny animals with houses, furniture and such... the "breakfast"set they have offers a toast and a jar of jam, that's it. I decided to add more dishes to rabbits' menu.
Моя девица начала активно играть в Сильвэниан фэмилис - это такие крохотные звери в домиках с мебелью и увтарью. За дикие деньги, однако. Набор "завтрак" предлагает на 4 зайцев два кусочка хлебушка и банку варенья. Голодно зайцам так жить, подумала я, и разнообразила ассортимент их питания немного.


House - quilled and framed

I had an idea of that creation for a loooooong time. And I started it almost a year ago - look there for the beginning.
That's a quilled picture as a gift for my friend, her husband's name begins with D, her name - with O, son's name with M, and their initials form a "DOM"-word, that means house. But while I was thinking and making... the lady got pregnant and is waiting for her second son now! So I had to hurry up and send her this piece before I have to add another room =))))


My very first scrap book

Just the way it was meant to be: SCRAP book =) Book of scraps. I collected everything about raccoons (and pandas since they are relatives) =) And put that all into a thick notepad. It was 1997-99 =)