Pomelo lantern

For the Day of the Hamster I made an easy lantern from the pomelo (large citrus) skin:

Cut through some parts. scratched it here and there, and placed it on a saucer with a tea-candle on it. Light up and enjoy. Very easy, made it for my baby to show her flames and the dancing shadows. She loved it =)
Speaking of the SMELL. Most of you might think it smells yummy! Citrus, freshness, blahblah - nope =) The candle heats the inner thick white skin, once we had it even burnt, and it smells... uhm... kinda funny =) nothing close to pleasant =) And the outer peel with oils it not heated anyhow, so it doesn't smell too good.
But what really surprised me - it dried up, saved the shape and was purely useable until we threw it away (baby was not interested any more) 3 weeks later!
Thanks for looking!
Have a good week!