Chocolate white raccoon

Day of the Hamster offers to create something using edible stuff. That's one of my favorite topics! Once upon a time I even wrote an article and hosted a challenge "using food in your scrap projects": check it here - Russian only, but the pics speak for themselves. It's a pity that people are pretty.. hum.. somewhat cowardly for things like that, most prefer talking about bugs and mold and other "it's not archival quality" blahblah rather than think, invent, try and experience. Well, this time we made it easier: general challenge - all kinds of crafts, including carving, baking and cooking too! :-)
I showed my chocolate Raccoon to the DT, just for fun, not intending to have him posted on the blog! But they said he's a funny guy and posted him :-)

Why I didn't want to show him?.. He is almost 10 years old!!!!! It's my creation that I made for my husband-to-be on a Valentine's day in 2004!!! But I've never shown him before, so the creature qualifies :-) photos are scanned :-)
I was, omg, 18 years old then! Young, unskilled, and we had nothing for chocolate sculptures sold. No special molds, no special foundant, icing or choco-mixes. And no marzipan as well! I made everything myself. I ground almonds and made powder from sugar, I mixed the marzipan dough. I melted the chocolate and placed it in a handmade heart shape, layered it with strawberry jam (cooked it myself too!). The hardest thing was the white chocolate - it was very hard to melt it so that it won't transform into foam, won't burn and won't crumble. That's why this little guy looks a little untidy, a little messy and a little... childish :-)
But he's history now, the moment that I really loved. So i do realize he's not perfect, but I do love him!
Thanks for looking :-) Have a sweet day and be loved!


  1. We love him to bits too! What a gorgeous present to give your guy. So was it tasty?
    You have a real talent for sculpted food and I know many many people are glad you posted him. Hooray for "not archival quality"!
    I'm dying to know the history behind your nickname "white racoon" but will never ask ;)
    Have a sweet day yourself.

    1. Thanks a lot!
      My husband said he was tasty, I wouldn't dare to eat him =)
      I can tell you the history, it's very obvious and very simple, I'll email you one day =)