New technique - quilled rose tutorial

Hi! I had this tutorial published in RUSSIAN - HERE (ПО-РУССКИ - у Хомячка), now I have it here in English.
Another idea of a quilled rose. I've shared an alternative rose tutorial HERE, and that's one more flower I've used in my Elena project. That's a part of the project:
Yellow rose in the middle - a new one, yellow rose to the right - a traditional one.

You'll need a 16 cm (6") long strip, fold it to make two ends 10 cm (4") and 6 cm (2") long.

10 cm  (longer) end is to be rolled tightly.

Glue it so that it will keep the tight coil shape.

Take another end and roll it tightly as shown too, but don't apply any glue there!

 Unwind that coil. making a spiral.

That's what you gotta get:
You can also make it differently: start from another end, start with making a loose spiral having 6-7 loops, and then roll tightly and glue the rest of the strip.
Now let's shape the rose, wrap the spiral around the tight coil:

Put a drop of glue into the first loop (the closest to the center), the last loop should be pressed flat with your fingers, and now you can tuck this flat end into the first loop with the glue. Hold until glue adheres the paper.

And that's an airy flower you get.
I will appreciate if you give a link to this tutorial and my blog in case of using this idea. Happy quilling!


  1. Something new and interesting. It looks great! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Wow! This is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing. This mini rose with super cute!

  3. A fantastic tutorial! So amazing how you create these quilled beauties!

  4. I can't believe how tiny the rose really is! Super cute!

    Thank you for sharing the tutorial!

    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Tiny? .hm. never realized that until your notion :-) it's about 1 cm, not smaller than most of my traditional roses :-)