Quilled bird

Homyachok challenge blog has a new quilling challenge. Birds.
It took me quite a while to choose the bird. I thought of a 3d miniature peacock, and of ducks, and of a whole flock of birds flying to the south, and of storck with a baby... but nothing seemed to be inspiring enough. And then I remembered that one of the short versions of my daughter's name means a "baby jackdaw"! We have a popular cartoon where this little bird has a funny role and always asks "Who's there?" on every knock-knock. So I took the image of that daw and quilled him.
He is small. About 4 cm (1 2/3") tall. Miniature project, I used 1,5 mm strips. It's sooo hard for one's eyes to work with such dimensions, after half of an hour you can hardly see anything with no blurring.