Про имя моей дочки

Выпросила у Любы эстафетную палочку. Эстафета посвящена детским именам. Проходит она вот тут (организатор Цветы жизни). Итак, надо рассказать об имени своего ребенка. Я замыслила сделать страничку в альбом, посвященную этому, потому, хоть я и не люблю выдавать тайну имени своей дочери миру, решила поучаствовать - мне самой будет полезно систематизировать свои соображения на эту тему.
Мою десятимесячную дочь зовут Галина.


Bashful ruffle - quilling

New quilling challenge on the Homyachok challenge blog. It's a technique challenge: any quilled projects that involves looping, husking or combing. Minimum of rolled elements. Well, I thought, husking - ok, it's great for leaves, for flowers, for feathers, but all those leaves & flowers are so boring... And I started thinking of something different. Let's make some ruffles - I thought! And sketched a little bashful girl in a funny dress. My husband said she's cute and I began making a dress for her in looping technique. That's how she looks:


Apples - stitching and carving

New general challenge on Homyachok challenge blog: apples! Any technique, any supplies, but apples must be in your creation.
As a member of the DT I made two "inspirational" thingies:
1) clean&simple card with apples, 5 outlines back-stitched with the green thread and one red applein A-stitch technique. Patterns were hand drawn, all green apples are absolutely identical, although the photo shows it incorrectly.. wanted to scan it, but my husband mailed it before I managed to scan =))) stitched cards are perfect for mailing! unlike quilled ones..
another view:
photo taken at the dawn =)

2) I tried another craft I thought about for a long time: fruit carving! Time consuming, absolutely useless with absolutely no practical application and definetely no shelf life =) but it's fun
I watched a couple of videos on youtube, while my baby slept on my lap and immobilized me, and that's my first try:

an apple rose! or a rose apple?..
Found out that I need a knife with thinner end, it's an enormous strain for the hand and wrist - my poor hand, I already have a tendon injury from the baby stroller... And the faded apple rose looked more realistic.
Well, that's all for today! Have an apple and be healthy =)
And come sharing your handmade apples with us:

Thanks for looking!