Tiny tiger, quilled

Another creation for Homyachok challenge blog. This time it's a quiling challenge "animals". Any quilled creation with animals. I just realized that I quilled animals for most of the challenges: raccoon, hedgehogs =) This time it's a micro-tiger. As a pair of a little raccoon, and a tiny copy of a pompom tiger. I had pretty much fun constructing this little guy, especially I'm proud of three stripes on his head, fringed ears being pink inside and white belly incorporated into striped ball-body. Not very satisfied with his eyes, they look like frog's, but  there isn't much to fix... And a few pics of this little big cat: side view, front view, with the raccoon and the top view:

Join us for the animalistic contest!
Thanks for looking!


  1. wonderful that you have nicely done!
    Greetings Baukje

  2. It looks simply ADORABLE!!! How on earth do you always manage to put so many details into these teeny-weeny creations? Amazing work, Aljona!

    Speaking of fringed little creatures, when you have a few minutes to spare, come have a look at my quilled mouse :) Looking forward to hear your opinion about my little guy!


    1. Thank you so much =) And thanks for invitation to your blog, I surely miss a lot since I don't come to check my "blogs-i-follow" list every day having a baby... So I'm on my way to see your mouse =)

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    1. Выше написано, можно прочитать. А вы, собственно, кто?