Dessert - all quilled

New challenge at Homyachok challenge blog: the sweetest theme this time - dessert!
At first I planned a magic box with teeny-weeny pastries on a round table made of doily... but my plans changed dramatically when my friend called and said she'd love to come and see my baby on the upcoming weekend. She just had her birthday and I needed to give her a gift. So I had to think of something very quick. Luckily, my baby agreed to sleep in her cradle - unlike now =( And I had a couple of hours to create a shadow box.
The shadow box consisted of two parts: the one I'm talking about - it's a kind of "greeting card", and the other one - on the left side, a box of her fave parfume, covered with the same paper as the background.
I was in a hurry, so I don't have a decent pic of the entire box, only this dull one:
The sentiment says: "Happy birthday! Have a sweet life! Choose the tastiest option!".
So let us sheck out everything's what's inside! Welcome to my little paper cafe, have a cup of coffee and a quilled dessert =)


Dream catcher: article and cookies

Altered art blog has published my new article about dream catchers. Russian only since most of info was taken from the sourсes listed below that post.
And the current challenge is to make a dreamcatcher. I made two too =) but they have no scrap-supplies in them - only cookies and sweets, so my pic was ignored. And all the funny dreamcatchers I found in web were ignored by blog authors too, and the post author's name is not mine so all the "wonderful post!" comments are thanking another person... So I'm thinking... why the hell I waste my free time for that and those lovely "translate today, we publish it in a few hours!" having a little baby that demands a looot of attention while I don't even get a simple "thnx"?..
Hope some of you will be amused by my cookies.
And come check out the following links - some dreamcatchers are really funny:


Tiny tiger, quilled

Another creation for Homyachok challenge blog. This time it's a quiling challenge "animals". Any quilled creation with animals. I just realized that I quilled animals for most of the challenges: raccoon, hedgehogs =) This time it's a micro-tiger. As a pair of a little raccoon, and a tiny copy of a pompom tiger. I had pretty much fun constructing this little guy, especially I'm proud of three stripes on his head, fringed ears being pink inside and white belly incorporated into striped ball-body. Not very satisfied with his eyes, they look like frog's, but  there isn't much to fix... And a few pics of this little big cat: side view, front view, with the raccoon and the top view:

Join us for the animalistic contest!
Thanks for looking!