Quilled lilacs photo frame

Yesss! I made it! I have finally completed my lilac sprays which I began quilling 2 years ago =))) Homyachok challenge blog has a new quilling challenge: wedding flowers (any quilled wedding related project featuring flowers). And I remembered my wedding 5 years ago, and as the deadline of the designers' project was luckily close to the date of our anniversary - I made a photo frame as a gift for my husband.
We got married on the 22nd of May, we chose this date because late May associates with blooming lilacs for me. So the whole wedding theme was devoted to lilacs (check out the label "wedding" in my blog to find a scrapbok with photocs from my wedding if you like). I chose one pic from the wedding itself - the biggest one and 4 little photos - one from each anniversary. "Love story" photo shooting in lilac garden in 2008, Paris - Champs Elysees in 2009, the only photo from the 2010 anniversary of us together - a pic of our shadows having a romantic dinner in an expensive restaurant on the top of a skyscrapper, and 2011 - another photo in lilac garden, almost 3 of us already =))) it's a pity, but this anniversary we had no pics at all %\ And it's a pity that my lil lady is almost 8 months old and I have only 1 or 2 decent pics of us together, as if i'm not her mom at all =( I strongly need a good photoshooting of my baby and me together!..
Well, back to the quilling =)))) The frame itself:

A cardboard handmade frame covered with white acrylics, a piece of the wallpaper used in our bedroom (to match the colors =) ), photos and a lot of quilled leaves (7 hues of green, looping technique and freeform quilling), and 7 sprays of lilacs - 4 hues of purple, 3 shades of white, pink strips and some toning with white and purple inks: the buds at the end of spray should look darker than the flowers at its bottom!.. Mot of the petals were quilled from the 3 mm strips cut in half lengthwise or 5 mm cut in 3 parts lengthwise. So the flowers are thin. And there're some golden and violet microbeads in the center of each flower.
Making so many petals (during my baby's nap, hehe =) ) made me understand that it's quicker to roll two petals at a time (fold the strip in two and roll both ends to the center, then squeeze to shape and glue): so you glue ends only once for 2 petals and don't have to join 4 parts for the flower - only 2!

Some close-ups:
That's the spray from the blog's heading =))) Slightly changed.

That's my favorite! I love how the shades go from purple to light lavender.
That's white lilac, tried to imitate the sort "Beauty of Moscow" (Wikipedia link), though in real life the sprays are muuuuuch heavier and richer - it's rose when in buds and white when in full bloom. I adore this kind of lilac.

And a tiny butterfly:

That's it. Thanks for looking! And extra thanks for those who read all my blahblah =)))
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  1. Stunning! Love the green leaves that contrast with the lilacs and cream background!

  2. Цветы-то хороши, но все остальное... Зачем вообще делать такие работы??

    1. хм, остальное - фотографии?.. ну, мои фотографии, что хочу с ними, то и делаю %)