Year round - baby beads

Hi! Today Homyachok challenge blog has a new general challenge: ALL SEASONS!

Make anything introducing all seasons in one project (or series of projects, e.g. ATCs and such). My project is a set of 12 "beads" for my baby:
One bead for each month of the year, and each has its own feature to make playing with them fun and develop baby's fingers and brain =)

It's January: soft pompom, made of bamboo and silk threads. It's a kind of snowball =) Winter, snow, I hope it's understandable.
February: a heart shape (St. Valentine's and my birthday =))) ) with glass beads (kind of icicles - February is the right month for that here) and March: white crochet bead with tiny yellow pompoms, mimosa being a symbol of March for me.
April: crochet green bead filled with buckwheat so it's interesting to touch and squeeze it, it symbolizes fresh green grass. May: small felt bead with embroidered lilac flowers. Lilac will always be a sign of May for me =) (pssst! within a month i'll show you another lilac project - that's a secret ;) )
June: a flower wreath - wired chinelle and buttons; it's also fun to squeeze it and change the shape and try to tear the buttons off =) July: a butterfly, my try of kanzashi. Velvet + satin and rubber antennae to be pulled.
August: felted watermelon and a cut slice, shape different from round and pretty colorful attracts baby's attention. September: a simple felted bead in all colors of autumn - green, yellow, orange and red.
 October: felt maple leaf with a little embroidery and crunchy cellophane inside. So it crinkles like a real dry leaf, so far it's my baby's fave =))) (no surprise, she was born in October =) ) November: a shell from the chocolate egg, blue and transparent filled with seed beads as a rattle. It symbolizes darkness and night as these two things strongly assosiate with November for me. Both parts are glued together and sewn through with a fluffy thread so that baby won't open it accidently.
And finally:
December: a Christmas tree made of green satin ribbon. Cute folds are nice to touch and little silver beads (attached with 3 independent threads) develop fingers.
That's it. Thanks for looking!
And come join us for the all-seasons-challenge!


  1. Вот это работа! Здорово))) И так все детали продуманы) Молодец))

  2. Ooo, prosto krasota :) I ti misli moji citajes, kak raz dumala, cego bi tut interesnogo malenkomu rebionku sdelat :D

    1. спасибочки =) а тебе для чего такие задумки? твои-то барышни уже большие для таких игрушек =)

  3. This is absolutely brilliant....you are so creative and clever! (and you are a good mama) FABULOUS!

    1. thank you, Kelly, your comments are always sooo inspiring! =) thanks a lot! =)

  4. Прикольно!!
    Какие интересные штучки!!

  5. che lavori meravigliosi, brava passa da me www.metalfimo2.blogspot.com