Newspaper car sign

Make a project including a piece of newspaper of a sheet from the magazine.
I made a car sign - the one you can leave on the dashboard when you leave the car unattended, saying "If my car is in your way, please, call:...."

The basement of the sign is a piece of grey cardstock; covered with magazine text painted with white acrylics. The black thingies above are a kind of tea-bag folding embellishment, also cut from the magazine (there was a page with black ad). All letters are torn from the magazine headlines. I also added some magazine paper quilling and weaving (three braids on the right side); the phone number is cut with the help of my CraftRobo and is adhered with foam tape. (the number is unreal, as you can understand ;))) )
And a little car charm in the right top corner.
Thanks for looking!
Have a good day! And join us with your printed media creations =)


Baby boy card

There's one lady I've been acquainted with for a while. We used to walk in a park together: me - with a baby carriage and she had a laaarge belly. Finally her little baby boy has arrived! She named him Nikita and I made a little card for them.
The card isabout 10 cm by 10 cm (4"). Blue cardstock, quilling strips (blue collection №23, but 15 mm wide) were used for the iris-folding frame. Some manual stitching, a little doodling, some quilling and a few seed beads. The main element - a bib; name "Nikita" is emboidered with silk threads and has silk handwoven lace. The size of the bib can be seen on the next photo:
The sentiment reads "Be happy!". That's it. Thanks for looking!