Mini horoscope: scorpio & rabbit

Homyachok challenge blog has a new general challenge: horoscope! Create any project featuring your sign in Zodiac or Chinese year calendar. I made both, though not mine, but my daughter's:
And I, being a miniature freak, couldn't think of anything better than making two tiny cratures:
white rabbit (sign of the year 2011) and golden scorpio (my daughter was born on the first day of scorpio period), there they are with a coin (almost quarter in size, 1"). Each creature is about 1,5 cm big (5/8")

And each of them on my palm:
a scorpio is made of clay and wire and covered with golden acrylic paint. Brr, looks scary!

the rabbit is needle felted. White wool, pink watercolor and two microbeads. Remember my "tiny felted bear"? If he still was in my collection, he's have a friend =)


Box for crackers

I'm a guest designer for Творим вместе blog's new challenge:
Altered art for the tea party. Make any kind of altered object (layouts and cards are not accepted) that have any connection to TEA.
When I learnt the task, the idea came quickly. I'm a breast feeding mom, so my "tea parties" are pretty humble. I must follow a diet, so all candies, chocolates, sweets, cakes and (*gulps*) all kind of that tasty stuff that goes so well with tea are forbidden so far. And not all kinds of tea are allowed (due to coffeine). So I drink green tea and have a couple of simple oatmeal cookies or plain crackers. The latter - and I always buy the same brand - have a pretty boring package which always comes apart when I try to open it. So I thought that a cracker dispenser would be great for me!


Mini quilled roses pedant

Homyachok challenge blog has a new quilling challenge announced: Million of red roses Create anything with 7 or more quilled red roses.
I've created a pedant. It's 27 mm in diameter (a little more than 1"):
That's how it looks on my neck:
And another close-up:
Used 1 red metalic strip 1,5 mm thick, 1/2 of pink strip, a few white seed beads, a few micro beads (red and white), and 1/3 of green corrugated strip. I'm nuts about miniatures! =)))
Join us at Homyachok challenge blog for the roses challenge!