Namibian Zebra

A weird post being the first this year, right? No Xmas cards, no snowflakes, but something about Africa =)
That's because Homyachok challenge blog has a new general challenge started today: Around the World!
Choose a country you'd love to visit and create anything devoted to it. I've chosen Namibia. Like in most exotic lands Namibian economics strongly rely upon tourism, and having little architectual or cultural places of intrest they offer so-called 'ecotourism' - safari, wildlife tours etc. So, I thought that Zebra would be a great choice to present it for the challenge. Besides, Bushmen people of Namibia have legends concerning zebras and their stripes, so it just had to be a Zebra! And to make this zebra's origin obvious I used the colors of Namibian flag!

That's a toy I made for my baby. Simple shape, simple bright colors (this flag has a great color combo for babies!!! and the little yellow Sun worked ideal as zebra's eye!), different textures: cotton fabric, smooth satin, soft velvet, ribbed knitted and crochet details; two large beads that can be moved along zebra's legs; front legs have crackling insertations in hooves, rear legs can be stretched having rubber bands inside and these hooves have jingles inside to develop baby's hearing. Another view of my colorful Zebra:

And that's the banner of the challenge Around the world
Join us, share your travelling dreams!!!

P.S.: frankly speaking, I'd never-ever go that far to some wildlife eco-tour, the country I'm longing to visit is actually Holland and I'm dreaming of the tulip fields and Gouda cheese... but I wanted to bring up some colors and show a project different from scrapbooking or cardmaking for Homyachok followers' inspiration =)
P.P.S.: Some of my other "foreign country" project include yummy cuisine ATC, check them out if you like and are looking for more ideas: Italy, France, Mexico


  1. Какая классная! Сплошной позитив. Отличная развивающая игрушка для малышки получилась!!!

  2. wow ...wat a perfect idea...loved the idea of making dolls for ur baby...

  3. Прикольная зебра!!

  4. Кати и Света - большое спасибо! =)
    Sathya - thank you =)