Candy give-away - Розыгрыш конфетки

Сегодня 10.10 - обещала подвести итоги своей конфетки
Знаете, я такая вредная, что мне совсем не хочется сообщать пол ребенка =))) (см. примету номер 40 =))) ) Потому я собрала всех желающих конфетку в одну пачку, написала имена и взболтала в коробочке. Первое имя, которое выпало:
9. Юляшка!
Юля, напиши мне на емейл свой адрес - постараюсь завтра же отправить конфетку.
Всем спасибо за участие, внимание, комплименты и пожелания! Нам очень приятно =)

Hi ladies! Thank you for your attention and comments! Today I'm giving away the candy - and the prize goes to 9. Юляшка!


Dr. Zoidberg: Cthulhu pumpkin

Homyachok challenge blog has a new challenge: Halloween!

Frankly speaking, I'm not celebrating this holiday. Well, when I was in school we were obliged to make costumes and such for the English class, it was kinda fun, but never inspired me much.
And this time I was lucky enough to combine DT plans with my own =) My husband is a fan of Futurama, so for his birthday I made a character plush toy for him. And since Dr. Zoidberg reminds me of Cthulhu - I thought it wasn't a bad idea to have fun with him =)
So, there's a little story:
Dr. Zoidberg decided to make a Chtulhu pumpkin for Halloween and started cutting the pumpkin with his claws, comparing his creation with Cthulhu image on the card (from the board game Call of Cthulhu)

And brain slugs help him a little =)

When he's done, he feels proud of his creation!

But then he starts thinking: "Hm... this pumpkin looks like me!!! Or like Cthulhu? Hmmm..."

Brainslugs agree =)

Speaking of Dr. Zoidberg - it's my own creation, I designed the pattern and have sewn him with my own hands. I made this guy from pink plush, his legs and arms have wires inside so they are bendable. And all clothes are real:

The scrubs.

And that's naked Zoidberg =))) With all his... hmm... how do you call those "skin-folds"?..

My husband says that this toy looks awfully scary =( But well, he's part of our Futurama collection:
plush Bender, felt hypnotoad, brainslug.

And Cthulhu pumpkin was processed and cooked =) And put into millet porridge. Yummy!!!!

but looks a little scary too =))) Cthulhu porridge :-D

If you're somehow inspired by Halloween theme, join us for the Halloween challenge till the 23rd of October!

Thanks for looking!


Cooking & scrapbooking!

You know I'm a little crazy about mixing techniques, trying this and that; using crochet laces in scrapbooks, combining quilling and iris-folding and such... But lately I'm going farther.
I have already written an article about using edible things for scrapbooking needs:
can be found here (sorry, Russian only).
And now I'm practicing total extreme!!!
Using scrapbooking tools for cooking! =) Crazy idea, isn't it?

In Altered Art blog there's a new express-challenge (with a tutorial provided): Scrapped cookies - make shortbread cookies and use your scrapbooking tools to embellish the baked goods!
Come on, let's give it a try! Join us till the 7th of October! =)

Обожаю все смешивать и экспериментировать. В последнее время тянет на безумства типа скрещивания еды и скрапа. Статью о том, как съестное внедрить в скрап я писала
вот здесь для rus-scrap.ru
А вот теперь тотальный экстрим. Используем скрап-товары для готовки!
В блоге Altered Art blog вышло новое экспресс-задание (с моим МК): Заскрапленные печеньки! - делаем песочное печенье и используем скрап-штучки для их украшения.
Присоединяйтесь! Процесс муторный, требует времени и сил, но это оооочень увлекательно, забавно и прикольно! Экспресс-задание открыто до 7 октября =)

And another piece of good news: I've been published. I'm not much into the practice, I guess, but theory is what I'm realy good at =) I'm one of the authors in the new Russian magazine:
Scrapbooking - creative way of living - click the link to see the preview. I don't have my issue yet, but I'll boast about it, when I'll be able =)
Вторая новость: меня опубликовали. В практике, вероятно, я не ахти, зато теория - мой конек. Я один из соавторов в новом русском скрап-журнале:
Скрапбукинг - творческий стиль жизни - кликните для анонса. Свой экземпляр я пока не получила, но как получу - похвастаюсь. =)