Gel-card tutorial

МК по созданию открытки-аквариума по-русски специально для Хомячка можно найти в Хомячок Challenge blog

I made a card for Homyachok challenge blog General challenge: World of magic and was asked to make a tutorial.
Frankly speaking, I am not the one who invented this technique and this card is not the only and unique =)
Ok, this techqnie works well for fish tanks, for sea cards and interactive effects.

We'll need:
- cardstock for the card itself
- scissors, craft knife, embossing tool, a pencil, glue, some thread and adhesive tape
- a zip-lock bag
- some translucent blue gel; gel for hair styling works best; but you may use shampoo, toothpaste, liquid soap or any other supplies.
- embellishments of your choice; the one you need for sure is a charm to be placed in the fish tank.

Measure the plastic bag, mine was 7,5 cm x 6 cm. So add some allowance and make the blank card. My card is 8,5 cm by one dimension and other dimensions are shown on the pic below:

Though it might have been convenient to make the sides slightly bigger.
There will be a fish tank between the sides I and II; little 8 mm folds in the middle are meant to keep the charm; side III is a background.

Fold sides I and II together, and draw a fish tank on the "face" side:

Outline something round and add details.

Take a sharp knife and cut the water area out in BOTH sides: I and II - at the same time:

What you get when you unwrap your card you can see on the right side.

Prepare the "stuffing" for the fish tank: fish, octopus, crabs, shells, mermaids - any water creature!

I quilled a Golden fish. Very simple: one 3mm orange strip for the body, one 3mm strip for the looped tails and fins. And a little golden crown.
You can take any charm you like: a metal one, or a paper one; use felt, clay, beads, fibers - anything you can think of.
But don't forget about the size: your creature should be placed INSIDE of the fish tank, so don't make it bigger than the cut you've made.

Add two threads to your charm, use glue to adhere them well:

Decorate the card while the glue is drying:

Draw or make the background the way you like.
And don't forget about the "face" of the card. I used some embossing and distressing.

Try the charm to find out how long should the strings be so that the charm will be in the tank.

And glue the strings to the 8 mm folds we made before.
That's the side view, how it looks in the end:

Now let's take care about the "water"!
Take a zip-lock bag and some gel. Hair styling gel works best since it has the right consistency. I found only blue shampoo =) Although it's up to you whether you want your "water" to be blue. Maybe your charms look better in pink jelly? =)
The gel should be translucent, so don't choose the opaque media. And try to avoid argessive substances like toilet scrub or bleach.

Place 1-1,5 teaspoons of gel in the zip-lock bag, I added some glitter too, close the bag tightly and spread the "water" evenly. Don't try to avoid air bubbles - they look pretty cue =)

Place the gel-filled bag in the card, on the side II, and use adhesive tape to make the bag stay in place:

Cover the bag with the side I:

And glue edges of sides I and II together.

That's it:

May all your dreams come true ;)


  1. That is fantastic-- I am so glad you made a tutorial-- I love aquatic themed cards and have been wanting to try a gel card-- your tutorial is well written and illustrated. Thank You


  2. Круто! Рыбочкa прелесть и идейa с наполненным пакетиком отличная!

  3. Алёна, с такой рыбкой точно всё сбудется! Спасибо!

  4. Как классно. Оказывается все так просто. А выглядит очень эффектно.
    Алена, большое спасибо за МК!!!

  5. I like this so much I wish I could try this.

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments =) I'll be happy if you try this technique too, it's really fun and easy!

    Девочки, спасибо за отзывы! Все действительно очень просто =)

  7. Wonderful card, great tutorial! Thanks for sharing it!