Quilled name

Homyachok challenge blog has started a new quilling challenge today: "Calligraphy"
The task is to quill any phrase, word or single alpha. The letter should be in the center of attention. I'm particularly fond of this task since I love quilled text, yet it's not very common.
And being a part of the DT I had to quill something for inspiration. =)
I had a thousand of ideas, but none seemed to be "perfect enough". I thought of making a pretty mural in shades of purple to decorate our new bedroom - couldn't decide about the word ("love" or "peace" seemed to be too obvious), or a panel with my husband's and my names quilled giving out a name of our upcoming baby - but we're undecided about the latter yet and I'm not very wiling the reveal the gender =) This and that... and I found myself dreaming about a wonderful creation just a few days before the dead-line. So I settled with my best friend's name: Sveta (CBETA spelled in Russian) and applied the technique I wanted to try for a long time.

I used 15 mm wide quilling strips of 5 blue shades. And tried to imitate the font called "Romashka Deco". Having the strips rolled up longitudinally I made a bunch of "pipes", glued them together and cut the name in the piped panel. Added some flowers and a few loose rolls.
I think it looks cute enough to present it to my friend =)

A couple of close ups:

So, it's your turn now - join us with your quilled text, words or letters!


A boy or a girl layout and candy give away

Some of you may remember that a few months ago I made some Baby inchies - and promised to create a layout with them. Finally, I did it! Yeah, it took me THAT long!
I collected 46 superstitions concerning unborn baby gender and tried to figure out who we're going to have =)
Может, кто-то еще помнит, что пару месяцев назад я делала детские инчики - и обещала сделать с ними страничку. Наконец, я ее сделала. Ага, я ее ТАК долго делала. Собрала 46 примет, "предсказывающих" пол ребенка. И вот попыталась понять, кого же нам сулят суеверия. Пока делала, нашла еще одну примету, но она уже не влезла, с ней получилось бы ровно 50/50!

51% of having a boy and 49% of having a girl. I used a LOT of doodling and zentangling (call it whatever you like) here. All inchies are also stitched. No pics though, but a LOT of journaling inside =)
А пока 51% за мальчика, 49% за девочку. Все нарисовано руками, куча зентенгло-дудлинга, куча попыточек создания разных узорчиков. Заголовок "46 примет" - наклейки Making memories, с английскими буквами: n, p, u, w, e и m =)
Все инчики обшиты разными стежками. Ни одной фотки, зато масса журналинга %)

One inchie I haven't shown before:
Еще инчик, который я не показывала вблизи:

A horsey or yellow zebra =)
Лошадка, или зебра. Кусочек фигурной лошадочной ленточки, раскрашенный, с гривой и хвостом и глазиком из микробисера.

And when you open everything up...
Открываем анкеры:

Кликните, чтобы рассмотреть, если хочется. Переписывать все приметы еще и по-русски мне лень =)
Gee... Girls, do I have to translate that?.. I didn't think about it when I was making this LO...
Ok, let's begin, I'll try to make it short though.
The right side, everything about Boys (in my case):
1) If the belly "pops up" on the right side more than on the other - you're expecting a boy; if the belly is bigger on the left side - a girl.
2) If the baby pushes in the lower part of the belly more often - it's a boy; if your ribs and liver suffer from pushing - it's a girl;
3) Numeric table of Pythagoras; my maiden name, my husband's name, and the month of conception - see the numbers, sum them all and divide by 7; uneven number - a boy; even number - a girl. We've got 19. Hmmm, should check what we'll get if I spell my name in English =)
4) Good mood during pregnancy indicates that there will be a boy; mood swings, depression, aggression and such point out to a girl
5) Severe morning sickness - a girl; light or none - a boy
6) Girl "steals" mom's beauty, the lady expecting a boy looks great. (well, it's hard to judge about myself, but I often heard that my belly embellishes me =) and that pregnancy becomes me)
7) Sweets, fruit and cookies on the table predict girl's birth; pickles, meat and hot dishes - boy's. It's also not obvious, I never crave meat, but being a real sweet-tooth I couldn't even look at chocolates until the 18th week.
8) If a pregnant woman begins eating bread from the crust - she's expecting a boy; doesn't eat the crust - a girl... Well, I LOVE crusts =) And always loved 'em =)
9) Japanese diagram. It's hard to explain - just two tables. You need mom's month of birth, dad's month of birth and a month of conception. Looks like a boy... To see the diagram you need to pull the tag, just like with the next superstition:
10) Chinese diagram. Mother's lunar age and lunar month of conception. It's a very weird thing, so I'm undecided about that generally...

11) Blood type diagram: I and IV give a boy.
12) Name and karma =) Elenas tend to have children of different gender. Alexanders tend to have boys.
13) If the belly's covered with fluff - there will be a guy, if not - a girl. I have a very fluffy belly from the very beginning of pregnancy =) Even drew a hairy raccoon nearby =)
14) Blood renewing test: men have their blood renewed every 4 years; women - every 3 years. The one, whose blood is "fresher", can influence baby gender. My blood was 1 year and 11 months old on the moment on conception; my husband's ony 4 months old. Thus we're going to have a boy!
15) Some formula: 49-Y+1+X+3, where Y is dad's age, X - mom's age; what do other numbers mean - I have no idea! If the result is even - we'll have a boy, uneven - a girl. It's 50, a boy.
16) Dizziness and fainting points out to a boy; no black outs - a girl. I faint every now and then and tend to have low blood pressure...
17) Some Italian doctor found out that ladies with weight below 54 kg give birth to 98 boys for every 100 of girls; ladies with weight over 54 kg deliver 110 boys for 100 girls; Having weight of 59 kg before pregnancy I have more chances of having a boy.

Superstitions under the green inchies:
18) If the baby stays "high" and the belly grows 'up' - it's a girl; the belly grows low - a boy
19) If a couple sleeps having their heads pointing to the north they will conceive a boy, pointing to south - a girl; We sleep having our heads in the "west", so this superstition doesn't count =)
20) If a pregnant woman experiences hot flashes she's expecting a boy, suffers from cold - a girl. Maybe it's summer, but I really feel slightly hot;
21) Expecting a girl a lady gains more weight that she should; expecting a boy - less. I'm not overweight yet. =)
22) Dark marks and stripes on the skin point out to a girl; no pigmentation - to a boy.

Now we've come to the girl's superstitions!
Right column of yellow inchies:
23) Soft skin of lady's hands predicts a girl; dry skin - a boy. I'm undecided.
24) Expecting a boy the lady often has headaches; doesn't have headaches - a girl;
25) Swelling, exp. in legs and feet, point to a guy; no swelling - a girl;
26) If you prefer to sleep on your right side - you're expecting a girl; on the left side - a boy. I prefer my right side =) facing my husband =)
27) Enhancing libido during pregnancy shows that you're expecting a boy; low libido - a girl;

And to the right flap:
28) Bold men tend to have sons; since my husband's not bold we still have a chance for a girl
29) Food to be consumed before conception if you want a boy: potatoes, lentil, mushrooms, cherries, bananas, apricots, oranges, peaches and dates; If you want a girl: eggplants, beetroot, carrots, cucumbers, peas, pepper, onions and nuts. Where would I get apricots and cherries in winter?! So, it's more likely to conceive a girl with this diet...
30) Heartbeat rate during 12-14 weeks above 140 bpm is more likely to be girl's; slower than 140 bpm - a boy;
31) If baby pushes the right side of the belly for the first time - it's a boy; the left side - a girl. On the 18th of April I felt butterflies in my stomach on the left side.
32) If the bust size changes a lot during pregnancy - it's a girl; if not - a boy. See the labels from my bras: 36B (80B) before pregnancy and 80E (36E) during =)))
33) Dark colored nipples promise a girl; light colored - a boy
34) If the year of conception and the age of mother are both even or uneven - it's a girl; if one is even and the other one's uneven - a boy. 2011 and 25 mean a girl
35) If a baby is active, pushes and hiccups all day round - it's a guy; the less active baby is a girl. My baby's very disciplined, never wakes me up at night.
36) Undecided: X-cells are less active, but live longer than Y-cells, thus conception before ovulation will produce a girl; love-making during or after ovulation will make a boy. Have no fine idea. =)
37) Undecided: take a wedding band and hang it on a string above the belly. If it twists round - it's gonna be a boy; if it rocks back and forth - a girl. The result is unstable; every time shows different gender =)
38) If the belly grows forward and the waist stays in place - it's gonna be a boy; if it spreads to the sides - a girl.
39) If the gained weight stays on belly only - it's a boy; if thighs and butt become fatter too - it's a girl
40) If the pregnant woman shows her state off, enjoys demonstrating the belly - it's a boy; conceals her state for a long time - a girl. I confessed at work when I was half along the way. I used a vellum strip there with "top secret" sentiment - nothing to be seen through untill you push the strip down close to the 'hidden' text.

41) Hot feet point out to a girl; cold feet - a boy.
42) Too hairy legs - a boy; no changes there - a girl
43) Shiny and bushy hair on your head - a girl; hair falling out or being dull - a boy;
44) Clumsiness - boy; graceful movements - a girl
45) The best pose to conceive a boy - "doggy-style", for a girl - use "classical" pose.
46) Ask a pregnant woman to show her hands. If she shows the palms up - it will be a girl; palms down - a boy. Undecided, the result changes.

Pffff! Thanks for looking!
So, for those who read it all =)))
Do you want a CANDY??? I've been rearranging my stash, and decided to give away some things I don't really need. Will add a pic later. 15 papers + embellishment papers, some doilies, some fibers and ribbons, a chipboard heart album, a leaf punch, some stickers (epoxy, vellum and glitter), microbeads and beads, shells and some more... Will add more later, maybe =)
Уффф! Спасибо всем, кто посмотрел и до сюда добрался =)
Хотите КОНФЕТКУ? Разбарахляюсь и раздаю все лишнее. Бумажки - 15 штук больших, 5 маленьких, чипбордовый альбом-сердечко, бусинки, микробисер, наклейки (кальковые, с глиттером и эпоксидные), стразы, ленточки и пряжа, дырокол-листик, ракушки, салфеточки.. Может, еще чего добавлю

Click to enlarge

What should you do to qualify for a candy? Guess who we're expecting! Ask questions if necessary =)
Spread the word about my candy and sign up in the list "boy" or "girl". On the 10th of October I'll randomly draw a winner from the list of those who were right =) Although the baby can arrive any day, I'll try to send the candy before I deliver. If it doesn't work out - please, understand; I'll mail the gift any way but later =)

Что нужно сделать? Угадайте, кого мы ждем =) Если нужно - отвечаю на дополнительные вопросы =)
Расскажите людям о конфетке и запишитесь в список, за кого вы голосуете =) Быть постоянным читателем не обязательно. Среди тех, кто угадал, рандомом выберу победителя 10.10. Т.к. сроки появления нового человечка уже поджимают, то надеюсь отправить конфетку до рождения =) Но уж как получится - если рожу раньше, не обижайтесь, что отправлю когда-нибудь потом.


Gel-card tutorial

МК по созданию открытки-аквариума по-русски специально для Хомячка можно найти в Хомячок Challenge blog

I made a card for Homyachok challenge blog General challenge: World of magic and was asked to make a tutorial.
Frankly speaking, I am not the one who invented this technique and this card is not the only and unique =)
Ok, this techqnie works well for fish tanks, for sea cards and interactive effects.

We'll need:
- cardstock for the card itself
- scissors, craft knife, embossing tool, a pencil, glue, some thread and adhesive tape
- a zip-lock bag
- some translucent blue gel; gel for hair styling works best; but you may use shampoo, toothpaste, liquid soap or any other supplies.
- embellishments of your choice; the one you need for sure is a charm to be placed in the fish tank.

Measure the plastic bag, mine was 7,5 cm x 6 cm. So add some allowance and make the blank card. My card is 8,5 cm by one dimension and other dimensions are shown on the pic below:

Though it might have been convenient to make the sides slightly bigger.
There will be a fish tank between the sides I and II; little 8 mm folds in the middle are meant to keep the charm; side III is a background.


May all your dreams come true card

Homyachok challenge blog has a new challenge today!
Any magic and mystery is welcome! Join us!

For this challenge I made a card with a golden fish:

The sentiment says "May all your dreams come true!"
I used a gel-card technique, some embossing and distressing and a little quilling for the fish itself.
The gel creates a weird feeling of light refraction, so some more pics to show what it looks like:

Join our magical world at Homyachok challenge!

Thanks for looking! =)