Gifts of summer - Homyachok quilling challenge #3

Homyachok challenge blog has a new quilling challenge on:

Gifts of summer

Quill something about the harvesting season.
I came up with a fridge magnet:

I quilled some summer fruit and vegetables, arranged in a "rainbow".
Red: strawberries and raspberries:

Orange: carrots and an orange =)

Yellow: apricots (I used some velvet paper to line them =) ) and a quarter of a pear.
Green: an apple and some grapes
Blue: seedless grapes =)

and purple: plums.
Simple and easy.
The magnet also has a title: "Juice" and contains some info about the fruit juice: how much fruit do you need for a certain amount of juice. Like 1 kg of oranges can be used to produce 0,5 l of orange juice. Pretty handy to have that in the kitchen with your own juicemaker.
Thanks for looking! And come on, join us with your gifts of summer =)


  1. Such delicious looking quilled fruits. Esp love the leaves!

  2. Hello, Aljona! I was waiting for you to post your little project because I was curious to find out what you wrote there. Handy information indeed! I like so much your idea of making a rainbow from fruits, very clever!


  3. These are some nice quilled fruits magnets.Alijona. You always have the nicest ideas.Love the idea for juice info on the fridge.

  4. Dr Sonia S V - thank you!
    Manuela - thank you =) If you need the translation of proportions:
    strawberries 1:10 (1 kg - 100 ml)
    carrots 1:4 (1 kg - 250 ml)
    oranges 1:2 (1 kg - 500 ml)
    apples and pears 1:4,5 (0,5+0,7 kg - 300 ml)
    grapes 1:4 (1 kg - 275 ml) =)

    Suganthi, thank you very much, very inspiring =)

  5. Ха-ха! Очень забавные! Мне нравится морковка!