Gifts of summer - Homyachok quilling challenge #3

Homyachok challenge blog has a new quilling challenge on:

Gifts of summer

Quill something about the harvesting season.
I came up with a fridge magnet:

I quilled some summer fruit and vegetables, arranged in a "rainbow".
Red: strawberries and raspberries:

Orange: carrots and an orange =)

Yellow: apricots (I used some velvet paper to line them =) ) and a quarter of a pear.
Green: an apple and some grapes
Blue: seedless grapes =)

and purple: plums.
Simple and easy.
The magnet also has a title: "Juice" and contains some info about the fruit juice: how much fruit do you need for a certain amount of juice. Like 1 kg of oranges can be used to produce 0,5 l of orange juice. Pretty handy to have that in the kitchen with your own juicemaker.
Thanks for looking! And come on, join us with your gifts of summer =)


Watermelon belly

Homyachok challenge blog has a new challenge: Watermelon mood.
Being a part of a DT, I had to think about some watermelon inspired handmade thing. Actually I'm a part of a quilling team, but it's a "general" challenge - absolutely any handmade object is welcome, so I decided to step away from quilling and submitted a t-shirt with a watermelon:
В Хомячок challenge блоге новое задание: Арбузное настроение.
Будучи частью ДК, я сделала нечто арбузное. Вообще-то я в квиллинг-команде, но задание - общее, т.е. можно делать абсолютно все, что угодно, так что решила побаловаться:

As you may know, we're expecting a new member of our family within a few months, so my belly grows and looks like a watermelon =) In Russian these two words rhyme, so the idea came up pretty quickly. I bought a green t-shirt and found some green stretch velvet. Made an applique and stitched in two zippers. You can unfasten them to make the size of the t-shirt bigger or to use the watermelon as a pocket (can't put much in there though, but an ID-card and a couple of bucks for ice-cream during the walk can be stored there easily). The lining inside is red with black seeds. =)
Кое-кто знает, что мы скоро ожидаем пополнение в семействе, и живот подрастает. Пузо-арбузо. Так что идея пришла быстро. Купила зеленую майку, вообще-то хотела белую, но ни в одном магазине рядом с домом не нашлось. Нашла в закромах бархат, стрейч, зелененький. И сделала аппликацию. Вшила две молнии по бокам, подкрашенные белым изнутри - как корочка. Т.к. арбуз-стрейч - на пузо хорошо натягивается. Если будет мало - расстегну молнии =) Пока использую молнии как доступ к карману. Много туда не положишь, но паспорт и 50 р на мороженку на прогулке влезают =) А внутри красная атласная подкладка с черными семечками =)

So come on! Join us at Homyachok challenge with your watermelon creation!
Присоединяйтесь к нашему арбузному настроению у Хомячка:

Thanks for looking!