Salzburg A4 layout

Ольгусенок had an anniversary last month and she asked her followers to help her to arrange a scrapbook - I can understand her well, you never have time to complete your own projects =) I'm still making two albums, which seem to have no end...
So I signed up for a layout about Salzburg. I'm sorry it took me almost half of a year to complete this... due to my "state", I hardly could make myself do anything at all. But I hope Olga can forgive me since she's in the same state now ;)
I've been in Austria, though we've skipped the excursion to Salzburg, so I had to think of something nice for this layout with no personal impressions =)
I decided to incorporate all photos Olga sent me "to choose from". And I know one good method to put a lot of photos in one LO - mosaic! This technique I always found pretty hard to apply to your own photos - you have to cut them, your precious and dear memories, into small pieces!.. But having someone else's photos to cut is easier =))) So that's what I came up with:

6 photos.
As the layout looks pretty bright with this mosaic I decided not to overload it with bright background too, so I chose off-white paper and added some red embellishments to support the flag of Austria and Salzburg city emblem. Some free from photo spaces are filled with red&white tiles with german words "Osterreich", "Salzburg", "Willkommen" =) Used some masking on the top of the page to make a "city horizon in the light of the sunset" =) Alphas "Salzburg" are cut with my CraftRobo.

What Salzburg is famous for? Of course, Mozart! And Mozart candies =))) So I made a little embellishment - shaker, the background of it is a Mozart-kugel-candy wrap =)

And microbeads inside.

I added some thin white satin ribbons with red beads to make the layout more "touchable". And on the bottom of the LO there's a flap, when you rotate the treble clef brad you can open it. There's one more photo (in photo corners, so it can be removed easily) and some space for journaling:

I sincerely hope that Olga would love this LO in her album =) Because I really had fun making it.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Алёна, такая классная мозаика получилась! Супер!!! И понравилось, что фотографии как бы перетекают одна из другой. Классный эффект!

  2. Спасибо, Лариса =) Приятно такой отзыв прочитать =)

  3. Ален, а я и не заметила, что ключик открывается) Засекретила))) Повторюсь, классная страничка!!! Очень интересный эффект мозаики!!!

  4. Ну ты даешь!!! Обалдеть!

  5. Ольгусенок, а как же без журналинга! =) Но т.к. сколько его у тебя и насколько он может оказаться личным - не знаю, потому спрятала =) Если надо - панораму с надписью Зальцбург можно вынуть тоже.
    Рада, что тебе нравится =)

    Оль, спасибо ;)

  6. Классная страничка! Так оригинально и необычно получилось!!!

  7. Спасибо большое, Катя!