Quilled bumble bee

Homyachok challenge blog has started a new quilling challenge today!!! The title is Wings of summer - create any quilled project which must include at least one "thing with wings" and at least one flower (if you joined us for "Solo" challenge - use that flower in your work).
Things with wings can be different: butterflies, flies, bees, dragonflies, other winged insects, birds... or anything you can think of that has something to do with summer =)

When I got the task I thought about butterflies - that's obvious, but for me it was too obvious. So I looked for some inspiration on Inna's blog, she loves to quill insects, so I thought I could get some cute idea. But I stumbled upon another great "thing": Quilled Totoro toy! I LOVED the look of that little cute furry and fluffy creature =) Of course he has nothing to do with summer nor with wings =) But it brought an idea of making a nice fluffy 3D bumble bee! =)
So I started making paper fringes... it took ages =)
And finally I came up with this:

Front view:

A winged thing trying to find some honey in the solo flower =)

Actually when I was making this guy I expected it to become a little cute fluffy bee, but when I finished I had a feeling of Dr. Frankenstein! I made a monster! He's very big (like 4,5 cm / 2"), he weighs 3 g (0,1 oz), he has predatory antennae and scary hairy legs =) He really scares me, but I was courageous enough to touch this monster =)

Next I began arranging the project. Solo flower and the monster-bee. It turned out to be a card:

But it was the way too heavy and had too much dimension for a simple card.

So I made a kind of "home decor":
a flower in a vase with a bumblebee on top:

The flower has a wooden stem which is inserted in a bottle filled with aromatic oils of two green shades. So they not only look nice, but smell great too! =)

So, that were my "wings of summer". Would you like to join us too?

By the way, when I have almost finished my bumble bee and was happy that I "invented" such a thing... I found examples of fluffy bees:
Quilling by ManuK based on tutorial by Lora
Follow the second link to see a detailed tutorial.
Well, my bumblebee was made in a different way - it's bigger and consists of many parts... and probably later I'll post my own tutorial =)
Thanks for looking!!!

P.S.: I made a tutorial for this guy, so there you go:
English tutorial, Русский МК


  1. Алёна, шмелик - супер!!!!!!!! Умничка!!!

  2. Лариса, спасибо большое =)

    Divya, thanks a lot!!

  3. Congratulations, Aljona, your fluffy bee turned out great - very realistic! It would be nice to see a tutorial for it! I wonder how small you can make it and still keep all these details (legs, husked wings and the antennae). My bee was no bigger than 2cm.

    Great job!

  4. Thank you, Manuela =) Your comment is very inspiring =) My bumblebee is really a big one, it's like 6 cm long - you can see how large this monster is in comparison to my fingers. So the size allowed me to make it look "realistic". My husband says that I must quill a wife for him a couple of kids =))) maybe I'll make them, and make them smaller - and I'll see "how small I can keep them" =)
    Thanks again!

  5. Алена, я в очередной раз поражена! Полный восторг! У тебя золотые руки!

  6. Какая красотища! Алена, ты искусница. Пчелка как живая получилась!!!

  7. The wing is especially beautiful

    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  8. Оля, Света, Катя, спасибо большое, дорогие мои =) Очень приятно =)

    Dr Sonia S V - thank you very much! =)

  9. Алена, шмель супер! шикарный! Просто слов нет! Как живой! Да, ты права, его бы поменьше :))) Но покa не видишь ориентира...
    P.S. Почитала твой ответ ManuK, посмеялась :)

  10. Ой, Алена, спасибо за ссылки нa мой блог, рада, что мой пушистик тебя вдохновил на такого крылатого красавца!
    (Писала, писала прошлый коммент, и не дописала...)

  11. Я опять к тебе заглянула на шмелика посмотреть - МК будет!!!!!!! Уж очень впечатлил!!

  12. Ален, просто чудо какое-то! Потрясающая работа!

  13. Алена, вот это работа!!! Супер!!! как живой!!! С ума сойти!!!
    Пищу от восторга!!!!!

  14. Инна, спасибо большое за комментарии =) Очень приятно. Замерила, кстати, его сегодня с линейкой - тело 4 см, с лапами 4,5. Значит, он все-таки не такой большой, как я думала =)
    Лариса, МК будет =) На следующей неделе, как все фотки доработаю и схемки отрисую =)
    Оля, Катя, спасибо большое, девочки! Смущаете =)
    Suganthi - thank you very much!

  15. I am completely in awe of this....WOW! You are incredible, Helen!!

  16. Thank you very much, Kelly! =) I appreciate your attention =)

  17. Алена! твой волоснянковый жужик - супер!!! я в восторге!!! ...нет, этож надо так скопировать! не боишься, что настоящие его за родного примут?
    Больше всего голова и лапки понравились. Не представляю, как так "по-настоящему" можно из бумаги сделать!!!

  18. Спасибо, Леночка =)
    Не боюсь, для настоящих он слишком большой будет ;)

  19. This bee was very beautiful!
    Nati from Brazil