Wedding guestbook

Completed a guestbook for one wedding, it was created for one bride who asked me to help. The photos are pretty gloomy though, because I was smart enough to think: "Great, I've done it! I'm going to give this book to the bride and then I'll take the photos with nice light and all..." - without a single thought of WHAT I was going to take pics of when I'd give away the guestbook =))) So the photos were made at night with poor lighting and not much care about the way it looks - just to show the bride that the order is complete.
So, the photos are:

It's a white satin book with deep purple ribbons and a title "Our wedding" - stitched and filled with seed beads and microbeads.

The details of the microbeaded title, I loved how it turned out, I used 5 hues of beads:

And the inside:

Very simple, ring bound, lilac pages with some little purple/white/silver stamping.

Having some cute ribbons on this book, I'm going to enter a challenge:
Dream valley challenge #10 - using a ribbon =)

And a wedding challenge at Арт Клуб
Присоединяюсь так же к заданию от Арт-клуба - Свадебный сезон

Thanks for looking!


  1. This is fabulous especially the beaded wording! Bet the bride was thrilled. Thanks for joining our challenge at Dream Valley. xx

  2. What terrific work....so love that micro bead title on the front of the book.

  3. Вот это да! Надпись из бисера - полный восторг!!! Очень красиво получилось!

  4. Спасибо за внимание и комплименты ;)