"Tribal" themed jewelry - eagle

My pancakes and raspberries got into the top three projects in
Challenge for clay, so I was flattered to be invited as a guest designer. I'm really very happy to be chosen, but at the same time I feel a little unsure about it. Especially when I heard the today's challenge: Ethnics. It must be a piece of jewelry made of clay and having something to do with culture, traditions and/or be inspired by some tribes, ethnic groups and peoples from all over the world.
I'm really confused a little about the jewelry thing - I'm a tomboy when it comes to jewelry. =) I wear either genuine gold/silver & gems - usually given as a present by my family, something small, elegant and precious, or nothing. And since I don't wear any 'fake' jewelry, I have no idea what it should be like =) So, that's my first attempt, don't be too strict =)))

When I heard the task for the challenge I immediately thought about Africa or India: animal-fur patterns, bones, primitive art... But then I understood that it's the way too obvious, so I changed my mind. What I came up with is Native American culture. I had very limited time, so unfortunatelly I couldn't investigate the culture, all the signs and techniques used by Native American artists, so I'm really sorry if any of you note any essential blunders in my work =) I was just inspired by some general impression I got from paintings and a dream-catcher I bought a few years ago in the US as a souvenire.
So, there's the necklace I made:

I started with a dream-catcher. I tried my best to make a real one - hope it worked out =) Then I added some bright beads - as a symbol of bright sky and freedom =) and a suede cord. Two wooden beads - just wanted something natural to be there too, and two teeny-tiny dreamcatchers with handmade feathers.

To understand the size:

And the clay thing there is an eagle. A bald eagle, a symbol of America, freedom and pride. He soars in the sky towards bright sun and spreads his wings to hug the whole world =) I made this guy from 'fleur group' clay. Painted with acrylics. Used the tiniest brushes I could find and pins to make him and color. The eyes are made from microbeads. He is not symmetrical. When I made a blank figure I saw his wings being of different size and wanted to correct it, but my husband said that I shouldn't - the bird looks more true-to-life this way. I also bent his head slightly, so that he looks even more "alive" - as if he was going to turn and fly around the sun. =)

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my first try =)

By the way, today I also have a tutorial published on "Keeping the best" blog: tear bear technique.
А еще сегодня опубликовалась моя заметка в блоге "Сохраняя лучшее": техника tear bear с помощью подручных материалов. Заходите, посмотрите =) .