Hairpin "July morning"

As a guest designer invites to Challenge for clay blog I was asked to provide some inspiration in the next challenge. And today the new challenge has started: Summer: Green leaf
That's my example:

This time I hardly could think of something extraordinary, so I clung to the essense of the challenge - green leaf - and made it literally. A green leaf (probably a cherry leaf), and a ladybug on it. Natural size. Used fleur group clay (unfortunatelly, I closed the package not too tight last time and the most of it dried out =((( that was a great pity! a lot of material wasted and the rest wasn't as fresh and elastic as it should be =( ). For the leaf I used a real leaf (for texture), scissors (for edges) and oil & acrylic paint (for color) Had the most difficulty with the bug - tried to mimic its color, all the dots&eyes, legs and antennae =)
Added some dew drops (tried glossy accent - that's an awesome thing!) to make the work look more natural.
And that's how this thing looks being used as it's meant to =) A hairpin:

Thanks for looking! And come on, join us at Challenge for clay!


  1. ААААААААААААААААААаааааааааааааа, вот это красота!!! С ума сойти!!! Как настоящая!!! КЛАСС!!!

  2. oh my Aljona....I totally thought that was a real leaf and lady bug in the picture where it is in your hand.

    What an awesome job...

  3. Катя, спасибо за комплименты =) Форма букашки слегка подвела, правда, но я ей передам, что она все-таки похожа ;)

    Cheryl, thank you very much for your comment!

  4. Боже мой, оно живое...
    А почему ты цветочки не лепишь кстати? РОзочки всякие там

  5. Спасибо, Оль =)
    Лепила пару раз, две розочки лежат, покрытые тоооолстым слоем пыли уже почти год. Вот потому и не леплю - потому что абсолютно не представляю, куда их потом засунуть/применить/присобачить/употребить =)