White cat 'happy birthday' card

A card I made for my bff =) That's the girl I'm always trying to impress and it takes me a lot of time to make a proper card for her.
This year it's a card with a cat. Why cat?.. Frankly speaking the private life of my girlfriend isn't going very well, so her manicure artist thought of a trick for her: every nail art she gets has a tiny white male-cat on her little finger =) And she's going to have him until a proper male appears in her life.
I picked up this topic and wanted to make a bigger white cat - maybe he will help her to attract a nice man?..
That's the card itself:


Wedding guestbook

Completed a guestbook for one wedding, it was created for one bride who asked me to help. The photos are pretty gloomy though, because I was smart enough to think: "Great, I've done it! I'm going to give this book to the bride and then I'll take the photos with nice light and all..." - without a single thought of WHAT I was going to take pics of when I'd give away the guestbook =))) So the photos were made at night with poor lighting and not much care about the way it looks - just to show the bride that the order is complete.
So, the photos are:

It's a white satin book with deep purple ribbons and a title "Our wedding" - stitched and filled with seed beads and microbeads.

The details of the microbeaded title, I loved how it turned out, I used 5 hues of beads:

And the inside:

Very simple, ring bound, lilac pages with some little purple/white/silver stamping.

Having some cute ribbons on this book, I'm going to enter a challenge:
Dream valley challenge #10 - using a ribbon =)

And a wedding challenge at Арт Клуб
Присоединяюсь так же к заданию от Арт-клуба - Свадебный сезон

Thanks for looking!


Homyachok QUILLING challenge #1

Ladies, I have great news!
First of all: I'm a member of quilling designer team for Homyachok challenge blog now =) Yay! I'm really honoured and excited, I never thought I'd ever be a designer, 'cause I heard too often that I'm good in theory and a poor crafter when it comes to practice... So I had to deal with tutorials, articles and such and never with 'designing'. And now I have a chance! Thanks for everyone who supported me!

And today the first quilling challenge on Homyachok blog is launched called 'Solo' and the task is to create one beautiful quilled flower.

There's my entry:

And a kind of close up to show the dimension and the central part:

The yellow rolls in the petals can be removed, and I still can't decide which way I like it better - with holes or yellow spots in petals.

I never paid much attention to the size of petals, and I always thought that natural petals never have the same size, so my flowers always had different petals =) This time I tried to make them all of one size. I even used a special ruler with circles to measure the rolls... and I was really surprised when petals, made of the rolls of the same size, turned out to be different! Wow... that's something to think about. And 'more practice' is definetely my next goal =)

That's the banner of the challenge:

Projects are accepted till the 10th of July. Come on join us! And anyway be sure to drop by and check out other designers' works! Personally I am amazed by the example of Katrin!

Thanks for looking!

P.S.: for those of you who don't speak Russian "homyachok" means "little hamster" ;)


Just for fun: 9 photos of certain color

I picked up a tag-game on Lumara's blog: you leave a comment, get a color named and then post a picture of nine objects of this color you can find at your place.
Mine color was black!

In closer look many things that seem to be black are actually dark-grey, dark-brown or even green or blue! Besides, having a little purely white hairy creature at home prevents you from buying black things =)))
So, what I have found:
1. Chanel eyeshadows =) My favorite, having purples and grey-green inside of this black box.
2. Black toilet paper =) From my black bathroom which is not actually all-black, so I took a pic of the tissue only =)
3. Watches. Actually - my mom's. And not working. But they're black, right?
4. Ink, black ink. I'm still dreaming that I'll learn calligraphy one day!
5. Guess what? ;) A black-black, pure leather thing... that runs around the house and along with black-black pair of dots above this one on a white background makes a pretty muzzle=)
6. hmm... oops ;) that's an intimate thingie... well, supposed to be. In fact it stays in a pencil jar with pens and markers and I just love how it feels to touch! And no dirty thoughts, please! ;)
7. a black plastic bag, with fresh strawberries I bought at the market tonight =) Smells great!
8. Sony PS3 controller. My husband's thing. I have a silver one :-p
9. And a terrifying final: a knife! All knifes we have have black handles. Stylish and serious =)

If you wanna play along - ask for color =)

Люба в своем блоге устроила флеш-моб: оставляешь комментарий, она придумывает цвет, а ты ищешь дома 9 предметов нужного цвета и фоткаешь их.
Мне достался черный! "черный-черный как моя душа" (как говорил мистер Бернс из Симпсонов)
Что у меня на картинке:
1. Тени Chanel =) Мои любимые. Фиолетовые и серо-зеленые внутри.
2. Черная туалетная бумага =) Из моего черного туалета, который сам не настолько черен, чтоб его показывать целиком.
3. Часики. Моей мамы. Не работают. Но черные же? =)
4. Чернилки. Черные. Для черных чертиков по четвергам для чертежей... Все еще мечтаю научиться каллиграфии.
5. Угадай кто =))) Натуральная кожа! =) Вместе с двумя черными точками над этой штучкой на белом фоне она являет собой очаровательную моську, которая почти 16 лет носится по дому и радует меня =)
6. ой, такая провокационная штучка ;) точнее должна быть. А стоит у всех на виду среди каранадшей. Мне она просто нравится. И никаких грязных мыслишек, пожалста ;)
7. черный пакетик. Купила сегодня клубники на рынке - в таком вот пакете. Пахнет офигенно =)
8. Джойстик Sony PS3. Мужнин. Мой - серебристый =) И где он - я не знаю =)))
9. И такой вот жуткий финал - страшный зубастый ножик =) У нас все ножи черные. Стильные и строгие =)

Хотите поиграть - спросите про цвет ;)


Hairpin "July morning"

As a guest designer invites to Challenge for clay blog I was asked to provide some inspiration in the next challenge. And today the new challenge has started: Summer: Green leaf
That's my example:

This time I hardly could think of something extraordinary, so I clung to the essense of the challenge - green leaf - and made it literally. A green leaf (probably a cherry leaf), and a ladybug on it. Natural size. Used fleur group clay (unfortunatelly, I closed the package not too tight last time and the most of it dried out =((( that was a great pity! a lot of material wasted and the rest wasn't as fresh and elastic as it should be =( ). For the leaf I used a real leaf (for texture), scissors (for edges) and oil & acrylic paint (for color) Had the most difficulty with the bug - tried to mimic its color, all the dots&eyes, legs and antennae =)
Added some dew drops (tried glossy accent - that's an awesome thing!) to make the work look more natural.
And that's how this thing looks being used as it's meant to =) A hairpin:

Thanks for looking! And come on, join us at Challenge for clay!


Rinchies & Little fun blog update

Some quick news. As some of you know, lately I've become addicted to miniatures. That's why I loved the idea of Little fun challenge blog. But its owner, dja-karta, faced some private life problems and she can't take of the blog any more. I thought it's a pity that such a nice thing will be wasted and offered my help. So since today I'm a co-author of that blog. It's all about the little things: inchies, tags, ATCs, mathcboxes etc.
And so today I started a new challenge: Round fun. Create a rinchie with circle embellishments, submit your creation till the 12th of July and win a prize from ART hobby online store!

В последнее время меня тянет на мелочи. Потому мне нравилась идея блога Little fun. Однако его владелица и автор, dja-karta, в силу личных причин решила отойти от дел. Мне стало жалко такое благое начинание и я предложила свою помощь, так что теперь я соавтор этого блога =) Блог посвящен заданиям на мелкие темы - инчики, тэги, АТС, мэтчбоксы и прочие крошечки.
Сегодня я объявила о новом задании: Круглые кругляшки. До 12 июля нужно сделать ринчик (кружочек диаметром 25 мм), украшенный кругами, и тогда можно будет выиграть приз от магазина АРТ хобби! Присоединяйтесь!

Some rinchies I created for "inspiration":

Purple stitch&beads rinchie with a quilled rose

Cheese & mouse rinchie

A button rinchie =) with bling

So come on, join us! =)


Wedding card - quilled

I haven't been quilling for a pretty long time and I decided that I should take it up again since I really missed my strips =) And I had a very good reason to pick the tool up again - wedding of a beautiful couple.
There's a card I made for them:

A heart filled with all kinds of flowers has a negative-space "04.06" sentiment inside of it. That's actually the date of their wedding.
There's one more photo with slightly different light and some more shadows:

With this card I'm going to enter some challenges:
* Divas by design - florals; well, I hope it's obvious =)
* For Fun challenges - a wedding giftcard holder. Sorry, I have no photo of the inside - there was some handwritten sentiment and a pocket for "material" gift. Nothing really too special and a little too personal to take a pic of. But believe me, this card WAS a package for the wedding gift =)
* Polly craft challenge - Love & marriage. Didn't use any stamps on the card... but I hope it still qualifies for the challenge ;)
* Творим вместе - express-challenge "Ice-cream". Must be inspired with ice-cream. I love ice-cream! And my inspiration picture is:
Экспресс-задание "Мороженое". Вдохновляемся мороженым. Я люблю мороженое =) Мое вдохновение выглядело так:

Сама форма и розочки - вот и усеяла все сердечко цветочками. Правда, я не люблю розовый цвет, потому на открытке его немного и оттенок более сиреневато-перламутроватый, да и приглашения на свадьбу - оливково-золотистые с желтовато-болотными розочками - наталкивали на другие мысли. Потому могу сказать, мое сердечко больше фисташково-ванильное с черносмородными прожилками =) Так вкуснее!

Thanks for looking!


"Tribal" themed jewelry - eagle

My pancakes and raspberries got into the top three projects in
Challenge for clay, so I was flattered to be invited as a guest designer. I'm really very happy to be chosen, but at the same time I feel a little unsure about it. Especially when I heard the today's challenge: Ethnics. It must be a piece of jewelry made of clay and having something to do with culture, traditions and/or be inspired by some tribes, ethnic groups and peoples from all over the world.
I'm really confused a little about the jewelry thing - I'm a tomboy when it comes to jewelry. =) I wear either genuine gold/silver & gems - usually given as a present by my family, something small, elegant and precious, or nothing. And since I don't wear any 'fake' jewelry, I have no idea what it should be like =) So, that's my first attempt, don't be too strict =)))

When I heard the task for the challenge I immediately thought about Africa or India: animal-fur patterns, bones, primitive art... But then I understood that it's the way too obvious, so I changed my mind. What I came up with is Native American culture. I had very limited time, so unfortunatelly I couldn't investigate the culture, all the signs and techniques used by Native American artists, so I'm really sorry if any of you note any essential blunders in my work =) I was just inspired by some general impression I got from paintings and a dream-catcher I bought a few years ago in the US as a souvenire.
So, there's the necklace I made: