To whom it may concern

Lately I've been p*ssed off by my livejournal: can't view the friends' updates, can't open up any "cuts", can't post, can't comment - just because it's always down and I was mad at that "Zero sized reply" message I got 100 times a day! So, ok, I thought, hell with you, LJ, I'll stay at my blog here.. "Ha-ha, - said Google, - wanna more freedom? Be free!" - and threw me away from this damn blogger. And closed my google-account. Thus I could neither write anything, nor view my own blog, nor find any blogs I followed, and of course couldn't comment and lead my normal life of some blogs co-author. Hardly got it back today morning.
Sorry about that, guys!
But there's little I could do about it =( And I have no fine idea whether these problems will be back, when and how, and what to do %\ So, on one beautiful day I'll probably move to some other place - where everything depends on me and not some f*cking stupid service like this google-account.
Thank you for understanding!!!
And sorry for swearing ;)

Для тех, кто интересовался, что случилось с моим блогом. Гугл решил, что я произвожу "нетипичную активность", и вырубил на фиг мой аккаунт, в следствие чего - ни посмотреть, ни написать, ни прокомментировать, ни отредактировать - вообще ничего и никак, даже зайти не могу, заодно и блог вынес к чертям. С трудом восстановила сегодня утром. Будет ли это безобразие повторяться - понятия не имею, не от меня зависит. Служба поддержки, как все знают, на блоггере отсутствует в принципе. Так что если что - извиняйте, не моя вина %\
Вообще задолбало уже, комменты писать не могу, ЖЖ вечно падает, найду место поприличнее - уйду туда... %-Е


  1. Ack, it's so frustrating when technology decides to completely mess things up with no warning :(
    I'm just popping by, a few weeks ago you left a comment on our Challenge blog, Corrosive Challenges, asking if you had to enter with a card, or if a layout would be suitable. I'm so sorry it's taken so long to reply, I'm afraind your comment was for some reason labelled as spam, so I didn't see it until just now. Anyway, we love to see any type of craft, so whatever you want to create, whether it's a card, a scrapbook page, an ATC, an altered item, you're very welcome to join in. Again, I'm so sorry for the delay in replying.

  2. Hi Susan!
    It's not a problem, anyway thank you for stopping by and taking your time to type these kind words =) Have a good day! =)