Cheese cupcakes with berries

Usually I don't write recipes here, though I publish them to my Russian blog (http://whiteracoon.livejournal.com), but the LJ service is constantly down and I can't neither post there, nor read my own stuff.
So I decided to put some yummy recipes here too, just for myself and, probably, some of you will be interested in them too.
Today I'm telling about the best cupcakes I ever tried. Well, to my taste they are perfect, but my husband said I cooked better deserts =)

For 18 cupcakes:

100 g (3 1/2 oz) butter,
75 g (2 1/2 oz) sugar (better confectionery sugar)
1 egg yolk
180 g (6 1/3 oz) all-purpose flour

250 g (9 oz) curd, farmer cheese - not sure if it's sold at your place, but you can always make some out of milk; or take riccota or any other cheese sudstance with curds - but drain it well
150 g (5 oz) cream cheese (Philadelphia works well)
80 g (3 oz) sugar (or confectionery sugar)
3 eggs (yolks and whites SEPARATELY)
100 g (3 1/2 oz) all-purpose flour
4 table spoons of crushed almonds
a few drops of almond and vanilla extracts

18 berries or bite-sized fruits; it can be strawberries, cherries (look very funny when you leave the stems!), large blueberries; pineapple chunks; absolutely anything you might think of. Cherries and strawberries were great; if you doubt whether the fruit will taste good with almonds - exclude the latter from the recipe.

Make a crust - just mix everything, form a ball and let it rest in a fridge for a half of an hour.

For the filling: beat egg yolks with sugar untill the mixture turns white, add both types of cheese carefully and mix it all well. Add flour, almonds and the drops of extracts, mix. Whip the egg whites (FOUR! three from the eggs for the filling and one left from the crust) until you can cut them with a knife - as if you were going to bake a merengue. Add the whites carefully into the cheese mixture.

Divide the crust dough into 18 pieces and place them into the cupcake molds: cover the bottom or spread some on the sides too. Place the molds into the preheated to 180C (360F) oven for 5-10 mins, until the crust is light-yellow.
Take it out and fill the molds with cheese mixture up to 2/3 and top each with a berry, squeeze the berry in. Put in back into the oven and bake until the cupcakes turn golden. Take out and cool.
They taste best when they are still warm. The crust is crunchy, the fillinf is puffy and soft and the fruit is juicy; the cupcake is sweet and the fruit is a little sour - it combines everything I like!

First I tried it with raw cherries. Next - I tried it with strawberries, didn't have fresh ones, had to use frozen berries. The more moisture the berry contains, the bigger the cavity in the filling appears to be:

Frozen berries contain a lot of water, so cavities appear to be pretty big. I thought that doesn't look very cute and that's what I came up with^ use this cavity for extra topping!!!
Fill it with whipped cream, cream cheese, yogurt, condensed milk, any kind of sauce, jam or syrup; you may fill it with hot semolina porridge, pudding, or anything! Or fill it with jelly and put into fridge to make a jelly filling! A lot of ideas what to add to these cupcakes =)

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Oh my goodness...these look yummy!! I'll have to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for compliments =) I'll be happy if you cook those and tell me what you think about them =)