Altered book

Today Altered art challenge blog has a new challenge published - make an altered book.
Some time ago I wrote an article about altered books (Russian only), there were some ideas I liked. Although I'm absolutely not attracted to any altered objects - I prefer either something 'made of paper and meant to be made of paper' (e.g. layouts, cards) or something useful and practical. I hardly understand embellishing a drinking glass with paper flowers or making a paper box with paper ruffles meant for storing keepsakes - you can't wash it, you can't really dust it... Well, that's just my bugs =)
This time I made an 'extraordinary' thing =) I actually made a paper card holder (useless and dust-gathering =) ).
There it is:

It's an altered book. Once upon a time it was a philosophy textbook. Frankly speaking, it's not mine. I got it from a pal to get ready for a PhD exam. The exam was passed successfully, though the book was absolutely useless then. I wanted to return it, but my pal refused to take it back, and offered to pass it on. Noone wanted it too, so it stayed sadly at my work place.

Finally I decided to make something of it. While writing an article, I found a gorgeous example:

This thing's done by Isaac Salazar, whose gallery can be found on flickr, and pieces of art can be bought at www.bookofart.etsy.com
I loved it. And wanted to make something alike. But it turned out that a book should have a perfect condition for it. 600 pages are not always bound that well to make a clear sentiment by folding. Plus I'd need a loooot of time, a loooot of patience (like marking each and every of 600 pages with a pencil and a ruler) and the sharpest knife ever. So actually I failed. But when I started folding the pages, I found out that the book stays open and looks funny:

So I decorated the cover with patterned paper, made paper fans to cover the sides; painted the pages with white acrylics - when you fold the pages your hands&nails turn black and so do the pages, I had to white them out.

Made a few flower bookmarks and added a little stack of note papers + a pencil.
So this thing can be used as a card holder: tuck in the cards, the notes and such.

Thanks for looking! Have a good day!

P.S.: Some Russian lady, Litvinova, claims that she's a genius who bought author's rights of a tutorial how to make this very thing and it's been published in some issue of Russian magazine Scrap-info. I don't know her, I haven't seen the magazine - I can't even tell whether it's the same thing or not. I provided a link to the artist whose artwork inspired me - Isaac Salazar; and my work is just a by-product of my fiasco to make something alike.
From my point of view - folding pages in half is an easy-peasy technique which needs neither explanation, nor tutorial (oh my, tutorial how to fold a page in half! that must be very important, extremely hard and truly unique! =))) no, I mean, are you serious? =) I thought folding-paper-in-half tutorials are necessary either for 2 years old toddlers or mentally retarded people; luckily, I belong to none of those =) ) But ok, since she's so annoying and mean about that - I'll give a link to her blog and provide the info as soon as she stops accusing me of abusing her author's right (once again, that tutorial actually is NOT her own idea, but she bought it from someone (mydesertcottage.blogspot.com)) and manages to find the issue number and send her link (which I also do not recommend to visit since publisher's agreement don't let her publish the tutorial there, so if you're looking for altered book tutorial it's useless).
I also wonder why the heck should I post a link to her blog since the idea's not hers and her blog doesn't contain the tutorial. To flatter her star mania?..
I'm not guilty, my conscience's crystal clear; and I do not give any guarantee that the info I'll post about that mystical tutorial will actually have anything to do with altered books, but I want no problems with these silly accusations and people having superiority complex.


  1. It looks beautiful . You are right the problem of paper is it is not durable. I too love using paper to make cards mostly.

  2. Алена, очень классно!
    Ха-ха, я снова могу писать коменты!

  3. Спасибо, Оля!
    А у тебя тоже были проблемы с комментами?

  4. Супер! Очень оригинально получилось!

  5. Katrin, спасибо за комплименты =)

  6. Признайся честно, ты в этом блоге больше пишешь, чем в русском? Я тебя почти не вижу в эфире.

  7. Шипа, признаюсь, теперь - да. Здесь у меня по-прежнему дикие проблемы с комментариями - кроме тех, что в поп-ап окне, писать не могу. Но в ЖЖ у меня просто дикие проблемы - задолбало, не могу. Хотя бы _просмотреть_ френд-ленту удается только раза с десятого, посмотреть что-то под катом - с 35-го, а написать там - вообще unreal. Этот мерзкий Zero sized reply меня просто добивает. Так что вынужденно вешу где-то между, что называется "куда пустят".. %\

  8. wow this is beautiful love it!!!