French cuisine ATC

I managed to make another ATC for Little fun challenge - create an ATC devoted to kitchen theme - cooking, recipes, cooks, cook ware etc.
Same style as the previous one, but it's 'France' this time:

Never thought that it would take me thaaaat long to think of most popular French dishes %\


Italian cuisine ATC

Little fun challenge blog has challenge: create an ATC devoted to kitchen theme - cooking, recipes, cooks, cook ware etc. I'm almost late; wanted to make a little series, but came up with one ATC only =( Maybe later I'll make more.
That's my entry:

It's a card devoted to the most popular dishes of Italian cuisine.


Second expecting layout

Completed the second 8"x8" layout for my future 'pregnancy album'.
Вторая страничка для "ожидательного" альбома, 20 см на 20 см


Cheese cupcakes with berries

Usually I don't write recipes here, though I publish them to my Russian blog (http://whiteracoon.livejournal.com), but the LJ service is constantly down and I can't neither post there, nor read my own stuff.
So I decided to put some yummy recipes here too, just for myself and, probably, some of you will be interested in them too.
Today I'm telling about the best cupcakes I ever tried. Well, to my taste they are perfect, but my husband said I cooked better deserts =)

For 18 cupcakes:


Altered book

Today Altered art challenge blog has a new challenge published - make an altered book.
Some time ago I wrote an article about altered books (Russian only), there were some ideas I liked. Although I'm absolutely not attracted to any altered objects - I prefer either something 'made of paper and meant to be made of paper' (e.g. layouts, cards) or something useful and practical. I hardly understand embellishing a drinking glass with paper flowers or making a paper box with paper ruffles meant for storing keepsakes - you can't wash it, you can't really dust it... Well, that's just my bugs =)
This time I made an 'extraordinary' thing =) I actually made a paper card holder (useless and dust-gathering =) ).
There it is: