Little fun challenge #1

dja-karta has a new blog, devoted to the challenges of miniatures (inchies, rinchies, atc and other small things). The first challenge is to make a birthday themed inchie.
I'm in!
That's my inchie:

Why is it birthday themed? Well, in russian when we wish a "happy birthday" we often say "happy jam day!", it has nothing to do with jam actually, but sounds a little alike and funny... hmmm, let's say it's like "happy broth-day!" =)
So I made an inchie with a jar of raspberry jam! All raspberries are quilled from the thinnest strips I could cut - like 1 mm. Couldn't use a quilling tool, used a pin and fingers to quill the parts. The greenery is also cut manually.
The top of the jar is covered with a fabric lid - made of gingham ribbon.
And there's a little bee - made of yellow i-clay, the strips are drawn with a pen and wings are made of shiny fiber, not glued - they pop up a little.

That's it, thanks for looking!


  1. Wow! It needs lots of patience to make such tiny little pretties. Really adorable jar.Ochin Kracnaya.
    On a side note, I have a blog candy on my blog :)

  2. Алена, ну ты даешь!!! Действительно нужно огромное терпение, чтобы накрутить столько малинок!! Отличная работа! И спасибо за игру с Little fun! Рада, что ты с нами )

  3. I second that first comment...what patience to make such unique, lovely & detailed small pieces of art! Such a cute little jar & so well made!

  4. Ален как оригинально

  5. Sheetal, Kay, thank you very much for leaving such kind comments! =) You're right, it took me like a week to complete it, 'cause quilling at night doesn't make it quicker =)

    Света, Женя, спасибо за комментарии =) Рада стараться =)
    Правда, решила в следующий раз не выпендриваться и сделать малинки из бисера - быстрее и аккуратнее =)

  6. Dear Aljona, this is so beautiful!!! Just like real strawberies in a glass. Congratulations!!
    Thnaks also for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I,m sending you warm regards to Russia from Sloveni/Europe!! :))

  7. Алёна, даже трудно представить, насколько это кропотливый труд, но результат - просто великолепен!

  8. Алена, невероятно здорово и красиво получилось!!!!

  9. Hi, Tanja! Nice to see you in my blog =) Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment!

    tati4ka, Ольгусенок - спасибо большок, девочки! Смущаете ;) Вообще сама знаю, что работа неидеальная, особенно как сфоткаешь - все огрехи, что невооруженным глазом не заметишь, вылезают. Но комплименты такие приятные =)

  10. Какой классный! Малинки супер! А идея с тряпочкой в клеточку... очень оригинально!!!

  11. its so cute!!
    and tiny haha :p
    how could you made the quilling so small? You're amazing!! :)

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    teddy bear princess
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    teddy bear princess: princess quilling


  12. Hi, teddy bear princess! =)
    Thank you for your sweet comments!
    I'd love to leave some love in your blog, but unfortunately due to some unexplainable problems with my blogger account I can leave comments only in those blogs where te comment form pops up in a separate window - even had to set this option for my own blog. Tried to say that your princesses are cool, but couldn't - so sorry %\

  13. what a bunch of wonderful details .....TFS