Keeping the best - my debut

Some of you know that I'm a co-author of a challenge blog Keeping the best

And today we have the 7th sketch published, it's created by Tancha. I had a lovely opportunity to make a layout for the blog, my first one ever published, so I'm very excited.

It's a beginning of my new project. An 8" by 8" (20 cm by 20 cm) album devoted to the "time of expectation". So I started from the very beginning: month #1.

I changed the sketch a little to fit my idea =) It is turned 90 degrees and instead of 1 photo I used 5 ones. It's a photo of my husband and I - both of us in Paris, looking at each other; each of us looking up hopefully (me at the wedding and he just some other day - just love that photo of him!); and two pics of us as babies. It took me 5 hours to find a photo of me as a baby where I smile. Though I'm not 100% sure that it's me %\ I'm a very unsociable person, and as a baby I was always frowning, pouting or sulking at the camera. So it's a miracle I found a photo where that little girl isn't behaving like a gargoyle =) The rest of the photo space is taken by a large question mark blurred with blue - as a sign of the upcoming surprise =)
The photos are framed with satin ribbon, embellished with seed beads and set in place with brads.

As a background I used two types of paper: deep purple textured foiled paper by Rayher and green paper with white flocked flowers by Creative Imaginations. It feels really cool to touch! Purple paper is also used for the title alphas - cut manually.

The journaling consist of two parts: a part of calender and some words, they say: "Let the life begin! We don't suspect anything and lead our normal life. Exactly on the 14th of Jan I signed up the fitness club membership and trained hard three times a week; had a night out with my girlfriend with a glass of Chili wine. And meanwhile wonderful and magical changes are happening in our life..."

And some embellishments: satin, organza and fleece ribbons; a handmade plush bear (the same technique used as in my "New year card", just a smaller one):

On the other side - a handmade baby shaker - some quilling + a drug blister filled with beads and microbeads:

I also used sticker flowers (bought at Accessorize store - sometimes they have pretty cute stickers!), stamen (Pastila, thanks!), one quilled fringed flower and a few brads.

The journaling flap (surrounded with torn rice paper edge of light blue color - to support the color and the fluffy bear) stays in place due to the thin rubber bands which hold two blue buttons. When released the flap can be opened. I'll use it later for some secret and private journaling ;)

So, that's my debut. Thanks for looking!


  1. Аленчик, ооочень понравилась страничка, с таким чудесным смыслом :)) Поздравляю!

  2. очень красивый и трогательный разворот! Поздравляю с дебютом!

  3. Алена! Поздравляю с дебютом! Сохранить самые волшебные изменения в жизни - это так трогательно! Солнышко! Береги себя и ваше Чудо! ...ожидание таких перемен так волшебно, что могу говорить только шепотом...

  4. отличная идея и чудесное воплощение :) очень загадочная страничка :)

  5. Спасибо, девушки, и за поздравления, и за комментарии =)

  6. Аленка! Это самое замечательное время - время ожидания чуда!!! Оно растет в тебе! Замечательная трогательная страничка! Я свои ожидания вспомнила - как летала от счастья (и чуть не долеталась-упала на огромный живот и сломала зуб))). Пусть у тебя все будет замечательно!!!!

  7. Лиля, спасибо большое за такие добрые и нежные слова =) Мы стараемся =)

  8. Thanks for your comment & your vote Aljona & congrats on your pregnancy - love your 2 months layout :)

  9. Thank you, Helen, for your kind comment ;)